Marking Message As Unread On Facebook

Are you receiving tons of private messages on Facebook? It can be bothersome to read all of these messages and checking them one-by-one can be a tricky task. Sometimes, you can make the mistake of opening the mail but not reading it. You may be losing some important messages without your knowledge that’s why Facebook created a solution for that. By marking your message as unread, Facebook lets you go back to some messages that need your attention. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to mark your message as unread.


  1. Access your Inbox by clicking Messages found on the left tab of your homepage.
  2. FBMessages

  3. Scroll down to the message which you wish to mark as unread.
  4. Click the message to open it.
  5. FBScrollMsg

  6. Select Actions from the tab on top of the message.
  7. FBActions

  8. From the dropdown menu, choose Mark as Unread.
  9. UnreadMSGFB

Things you need to know:

  1. To catch your attention, the message will turn darker compared to read messages when you mark it as unread.
  2. You may undo the action of marking your message as unread. To do this, click the Action tab and select Mark as Read.

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