10 Best Marketing Agencies for Health & Wellness in Toronto

As a medical practitioner, it is essential to build an excellent online presence. It may be through being present and connecting via social media platforms or creating a website that can impress potential clients. But beyond this, credibility must be first established for people to trust your brand as an authority they can rely on. With these ten of the best marketing agencies for health and wellness in Toronto, you can now easily set your objectives online and stand out from the rest.

Best Marketing Agencies for Health & Wellness in Toronto

1. Brand Glow Up

branding by Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up has a seasoned team that can help you in building your brand. In addition to this, they also offer management services for social media. With them, you’re assured that you’re in good hands. More than this, they are also excellent web designers and developers. Step by step, they can help you strategize to create a buzz for your brand and highlight what you can do for your potential clients. Start today and glow up to your best potential. Book an appointment today.

2. Straight North

Another marketing agency that specializes in the health and wellness industry, Straight North easily comes top-of-mind. They have an extensive list of services that covers digital marketing as a whole. From branding to social media and web design, they are one of the best marketing agencies in Toronto that you can work with. As believers that to grow, one must start from the heart. Truly, even a brand’s heart helps it touch many people’s lives.

3.Invivo Communications

invivo marketing companies for health

Specializing in health and wellness, Invivo Communications has an impressive list of clients in the medical field. They worked with known and established brands – medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies. They believe science is exciting on its own and they will help you make it breathtaking for everyone to appreciate. Beyond digital marketing, they created learning solutions for every medical professional.


As a marketing company that touches on the intricate industry of health and wellness, InMotion literally can get your ball rolling towards success. They offer an impressive roster of solutions that you can work with and reach your full potential both offline and online. Beyond this, they are also a noteworthy company that has garnered awards from industry award-giving bodies for several years already.

5. Little Dragon Media

little dragon health and wellness

If you’re looking for a top-notch website and digital marketing solutions for your brand or clinic, Little Dragon Media got you. They have recognized marketing companies for health and wellness in Toronto that can help you achieve your goals and be successful in the field. Besides form helping you build credibility, they can also help you generate traffic and leads through solutions like search engine optimization and growing fans in platforms. If you still aren’t sure what you need, they know it as they got to work with other brands in the same industry already.

6. Ramp

Ramp is literally your partner to level up without stressing out or losing resources without many results. Like a literal ramp, they can ease the stress and effectively help your brand excel.  They can help you increase your client base through their well-calculated strategies. At the same time, they will help you build a strong group of loyal customers and advocates.

7. Top Agency

Top Agency is actually true to its promise. They are one of the top marketing agencies for health and wellness you can work within Toronto. Moreover, they are also confident with the strategies they set down. You can definitely be comfortable letting their team take the lead as they are always backed with data. As precise as one can be, this agency is truly your best option.

8. Beattie Tartan

Beattie Tartan is one of the best marketing agencies in Toronto for the health sector. Beyond this specialization, they have other industries too so you can see how they can be flexible and always creative as they are easily exposed to different scenarios. They can also help you with impactful and out-of-the-box communication strategies that can help you reach your goals.

9. Klick

klick marketing agencies for health

One word to describe their website: remarkable. If you’re looking for out-of-the-box and creative ideas for your brand, Klick is just perfect. Doing things differently compared to other agencies, they focus on humanity beyond brands. Through stories and putting people first, deep connections were often created and are stronger than ever.

10. Whitehead Agency Group

Whitehead Agency Group helps build quality healthcare websites and social media presence. They take into consideration your goals and your target audience. Through solutions in between, they can also create demand and traffic to your website as well.  Since their strategies are data-driven, you can definitely expect that they are calculated and can deliver results.

  • website: https://waginc.ca/
  • address: 25 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 300, Toronto, ON Canada M2N 6S6

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