10 Best Marketing Agencies in Toronto (Serving Canada)

Are you perhaps a start-up brand that’s not sure yet where to go and what to do? Or maybe a year/s old brand that needs help to freshen things up and further strengthen the brand? If you’re looking for the best marketing agencies in Toronto that also serve the whole of Canada, you’re in luck! We got you ten of the go-to marketing agencies you can work with and help build your brand to success.

Best Marketing Agencies in Toronto (Serving Canada)

1.Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up Branding and Web Design

Receiving praises from industry awarding bodies and publications, Brand Glow Up is a great marketing agency to work with. They offer superb services that are not only comprehensive but focused at the same time. They specialize in branding and web design. Furthermore, they also offer insights into your business and how you can increase traction over time. Your brand deserves a glow-up! Reach out to their team and take the step forward in achieving success.

2.The Mint Agency

The Mint Agency Marketing Company Website

If you’re looking for something hip and avant-garde, The Mint Agency is the marketing company for you. They offer extensive services from branding and design going further to public relations and even influencers. Genuinely creative and unconventional, they will surely bring change to your brand that is not only impressive but striking as well. Check out their website and brace yourself to be impressed!

3.Elite Digital

Elite Digital Website

Elite Digital is creative and passionate, which shows in every project they take part in. But there is another word that’ll perfectly describe this marketing company in Toronto. They are indeed disruptive. Taking the road less taken were only a few manage to come out smoothly, this company makes it easy as butter. They are buzzing with creativity and have a knack for innovation. You will indeed have something beyond the normal with them.

4.Brand & Mortar

Brand & Mortar Website

Taking pride in the brands, they are blessed to work with in the past, Brand & Mortar is indeed one of the best marketing agencies in Toronto to take a look into. They have various marketing services that you may find helpful to your business. The best thing about this company? They offer free consultation! Grabe this chance and chat with their team. They may have something in store for you that will bring success to your venture.

5.AR Calgary

AR Calgary Website Marketing Company

Suppose you believe that what you need for your brand is not a total change but instead to work on what you have and elevate it, AR Calgary is the one to do it. They do things simply yet striking. Something that elevates not only the brand but the whole experience to your target audience. If you don’t get what we’re talking about, better visit their website and check out the services they offer. They cover almost everything you may need, from branding to advertising. This marketing company makes sure your strategy is in line online and offline!

6.Havas Canada

Havas Canada Website

A go-to marketing agency in Toronto or just anywhere in Canada, Havas Canada delivers excellent marketing services. They conceptualize and tailor the best strategy for your brand. At the same time, they also commit to building strong relationships with their team and encouraging you to participate in the process. Definitely flexible, they are able to handle diverse businesses over the years, from small start-ups to huge companies.

7.Viral In Nature

Viral In Nature Website

Don’t let their minimalist website fool you! Viral in Nature is a marketing agency in Canada that is consistently commended not only by their previous clients but also award-giving bodies in the country as well.  Definitely excellent to work with. They are offering assistance on web design, social media and reputation management. Should you be in need of help in those areas, you now know who to call.

8.Suits Social

One of Canada’s pioneer marketing agencies that specialize in digital media, Suits Social has earned quite a reputation since its start in 2016. They focus on building your brand presence online, gaining a following, and eventually converting it to sales. Consequently, this formula has never failed their team which their previous clients are very happy to share their own success stories with this marketing agency’s help.


IZEA Influencer Marketing Agency

Who says that marketing agencies need to have it all? Sometimes, it’s best to specialize in a niche, and IZEA did it first of its kind. They are now known for influencer marketing services with the most experience as they were established in early 2006. For over decades, they were able to grow and make the most out of the industry. Moreover, the situation of the pandemic made them even more reliable. They are adaptable that they now venture into Tiktok too! Should you be interested, check out their website.



Another company that delivers out-of-the-box marketing efforts, Blinco dedicates itself to curate strategies for brands that’ll indeed benefit them in the long run. In the same way, they offer easily customizable packages you may modify depending on what you need. Reach out to their team and discuss what you have in mind. They sure can execute it will ease and class while also making sure that it is directed accordingly to your liking.

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