25 Best Marketing Agencies in Toronto

Effective marketing starts with understanding your demographics. Gone are the days when the traditional print media rakes money from your pocket. Nowadays, different innovation in marketing has emerged and helped countless companies especially start-up ones to survive when the pandemic occurred. With the current situation, a surge of online users has been continuously growing. For this reason, marketing agencies have fully transitioned online to maximize opportunities on the internet.

While traditional marketing strategies could still have a significant and effective impact on some industries, brands that keep up with the trend are more likely to flourish. Digitalizing your brand is a smart decision to take and if you’re researching for the right team to help you, we have created 25 of the best marketing agencies in Toronto that can help you achieve your brand goals.

Brand Glow Up

Marketing is more than just a strategy, it’s your way to dominate the e-commerce industry. Let Brand Glow Up help you slay all your goals and you’ll surely be happy with the conversion rate that’s about to come.

2. Brand & Mortar

Brand & MortarBuild your brand from its core with Brand and Mortar’s compelling approach. This awarded marketing agency will help you from developing your brand up to its full-blown execution. Creating marketing elements that will get the attention your brand deserves.

3. Yopie – Internet Marketing Company | PPC

Yopie, one of the marketing agencies

Want a significant increase in your website traffic? Yopie is one of the marketing agencies that has mastered pay per click technique in successfully establishing your web presence. This team has a firm belief in the power of ‘big data’ that will definitely start the roll in numbers.

  • website: www.yopie.ca
  • address: 100 King St W #5700, Toronto, ON M5X 1C7, Canada

4. Markovate – A Digital Marketing Agency

Markovate is a digital marketing agency that can help you maximize your business’ ROI with its full 360-degree marketing solutions. This team of experts creates impactful digital advertising, SEO, brand development, and more.

  • website: www.markovate.com
  • address: 60 Atlantic Ave Suite 200, Toronto, ON M6K 1X9, Canada

5. World Famous Marketing Company

World Famous Marketing Company will help you unlock your brand’s ultimate market reach and clientele base. With their innovative techniques in providing marketing solutions, your brand can surely be known globally in just a matter of time.

6. Social Media 55

Dazzle your brand’s way through the audiences’ hearts with Social Media 55’s nano-targeting strategy! This company can infiltrate your target market by using powerful marketing tools that are proven effective.

7. Awkward Media

Awkward marketing agenciesMarketing agencies like Awkward Media that has an obsession with data has proven how effective it is to propel brands and businesses. They are not just relying on a creative approach but also adds scientific techniques to their marketing solutions.

8. seoplus+

Watch the numbers roll in with SEOPlus+’s efficient approach in marketing your brand! Be it a short-term goal or a long-term one, this agency can help you achieve your brand goal.

  • website: www.seoplus.ca
  • address: 330 Bay St #820, Toronto, ON M5H 2S8, Canada

9. Tigris Events

Level up your marketing strategy with Tigris Events’ mission to give your brand prosperity and recognition it needs. This company has a multinational staffing so you’re sure to capture your target audience with them.

10. The Influence Agency

The most effective way to successfully penetrate your market is through establishing a connection with your target demographics. One way to do that is by opting for influencer marketing. Yes, to be more precise – those TikTok and YouTube superstars. These people can market your product by their fans and viewers which gives your brand more recognition and expands its reach.

11. Exposure Social

Expect an over-delivered result from Exposure Social. This marketing agency provides a personalized boutique experience to your brand that has effectively converted into ROI. This team of experts and dedicated marketing professionals would not stop maximizing your brand’s audience reach.

12. Asset Digital Communications

Wondering how to boost your traffic and revenue growth? Asset Digital Communications will provide marketing solutions in every aspect of your brand! From logo, to website and other marketing tools, they got you covered.

13. FUSE Create


Make an impression that will make heads turn. Fuse Create is a marketing agency that is committed to providing services that will be memorable and relatable. They use the strategy of brief yet catchy marketing ideas so if you’re into short but wow kind of marketing, this company is for you.

14. Smaller Agency

Smaller Agency

There’s a saying, the smaller your circle, the more it’s genuine – this quote is proven true by Smaller Agency that focuses on real talent and skills yielding results beyond reproach! This marketing agency has the knack for everything marketing so you’re surely in good hands with them.

15. Lion Marketing Agency

Make your audiences’ online visit worthwhile with Lion Marketing Agency techniques that are truly engaging! They specialize in digital campaigns, content creation, SEO strategies, and more! With this, you can expect your brand to climb its way up to the top spot.

16. Mystique Brand Communications

In the world of e-commerce, you can’t impress your audience twice, so be sure to capture them at the first sight of your brand! Mystique Brand Communications will help you convey the impact you want that can result in high conversion rates.

  • website: www.mystique.ca
  • address: 885 Don Mills Rd. #224, North York, ON M3C 1V9, Canada

17. WeeBee Social

The modern landscape is ever-evolving so to keep up with the change, partner up with WeeBee Social! This marketing agency uses their extra rich experiences to blend with your brand. They have a firm understanding of how everything is connected in the e-commerce industry, so expect to have integrated strategies from them.

18. King Street Media


Own the top spot with King Street Media. This marketing agency makes sure that your brand has a clear vision to effectively give an impact. Choosing them will brand a new breath of life and beat on a faster rhythm!

19. Going Social – Social Media Marketing

Take advantage of the human psychology, let Going Social help you transition to the world of e-commerce! Level up your brand with this marketing agency’s strategies that can help you build new leads, create more traffic, and convert faster sales!

20. eNova Marketing

Let your brand do the convincing but to successfully pull that off, you might need help from the experts. Enova Marketing will help you create social media initiatives that will undoubtedly entice potential customers that can eventually convert into sales!

21. Mouse Marketing Inc

Build connections online with Mouse Marketing Inc.! This marketing agency can bring experiences virtually that seemingly bring real-life feel as well. This team has an immense understanding of the marketing industry’s present and future trends. With their innovative techniques combined with creativity, they have been helping countless brands reach their goal!

22. Substance Group


Do you want an interactive approach to your brand? Substance Group is one of the marketing agencies that can definitely help you! This company deeply values creativity and authenticity that’s why they utilize techniques that will solve your problem and stay true to your brand!

23. Jumpfactor Inbound Marketing Agency Toronto

Jumpfactor Inbound Marketing Agency can help you successfully dominate the B2B industry! This company covers all stages of successfully influencing your demographics by utilizing their in-depth knowledge of b2b link building.

24. OrangePie™ Marketing

One of the marketing agencies you can rely on pay per click conversion OrangPie Marketing. They promise to deliver significant improvement in just 90 days of working with them! Be it for creating more website traffic or faster conversion rates, they surely can help you!

  • website: www.orangepie.ca
  • address:  1920 Ellesmere Rd Unit – 104, Scarborough, ON M1H 3G1, Canada

25. MiApple Inc

MiApple Inc is a marketing agency that specializes their services for technology and renewable energy companies. They treat every project unique and as a result, you can see marketing solutions specifically tailored for you!

  • website: www.miapple.ca
  • address: 68 Railside Rd suite F, North York, ON M3A 1A3, Canada

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