10+ Best Marketing Agencies for Dental Clinics in Toronto & Canada

Are you perhaps a dentist who just started your business but looking to scale it fast and more effectively? Or perhaps a seasoned dentist who intends to maximize all opportunities and compete with today’s time? If you’re any of these two, you’re in luck! There’s no need to go through the road less travelled alone because here are the 10 Best Marketing Agencies for Dental Companies in Toronto and Canada that has been there and succeeded.

Marketing Companies for Dental Clinics in Toronto & Canada

1. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up sure can help both budding dental clinics and seasoned dentists to scale their business to the next level. No need to be skeptical with their team because they have a proven track record with many different brands they’ve worked with that brought noticeable results to their clients. Truly flexible, this marketing agency can work with products and service businesses. They offer services from branding and content creation, digital marketing to website design and development.

2. CMC Marketing Agency

Not only Toronto, but CMC Marketing Agency also serves dental clinics in Mississauga, Vancouver, and other huge cities in Canada. With this in mind, they have a thorough understanding of the industry and people who are living in each city. This can help them come up with innovative and effective strategies to take your dental clinic to the next level.

3. Nomadic Advertising

normadic advertising marketing agencies for dental clinics

Put together in 2014, Nomadic Advertising sure grew to their spot in the best marketing agencies for dental clinics in Toronto and Canada. They are made up of seasoned marketing professionals that can help businesses set up goals and strategize how to achieve each. Moreover, they provide excellent client service that not only solves their business problems but at the same time, nurture their relationship with the client too.

4. Dr Marketing

Dr Marketing is your resident dental growth expert that can help your business boost awareness and generate leads in the long run. Not only focusing on strategizing for your clinic, they sure take the extra step to ensure that their client understands also what to expect and anticipate. With that in mind, the client can help with the cohesive branding and properly embody each strategy that stays consistent throughout.

5. Merged Dental Marketing

merged dental marketing

One of Canada’s best marketing agencies for dental clinics, Merged Dental Marketing crafts you the best strategy that encourages your to gain more patients during the run. Moreover, they also have the creative experience and an eye for detail which can help you in terms of your website needs. Since they are also experts in these specific industries, they are aware of the rules and regulations from the board so you can rest assured that got it all covered.

6. Dental Marketing Heroes

Dental Marketing Heroes is your next-door real-life heroes in terms of dental clinic marketing strategy. The team behind this agency is confident to increase your patients by around 2x to 5x more than ever. Moreover, they make sure to deliver and communicate the set strategies to not only help clients generate more income. At the same time, they help each client create more impact in the community and their patients encouraging them to become living advocates of the brand.

7. Dental Marketer

dental marketer canada

In true marketing fashion, Dental Marketer got everything your dental clinic may need. They have 360-degrees services that can help optimize your business to achieve your goals. From branding, content creation, social media marketing, to even website creation, you can count on them. Furthermore, they also extend a free masterclass that you can avail yourself of to get a feel of their team and gauge their expertise.

  • website: dentalmarketer.ca/
  • address: 102-589 Barton St, Stoney Creek, ON, Canada, L8E 6E4

8. Full contact Marketing

Even after nineteen long years in the business, Full Contact Marketing continues to commit to delivering excellent client service. This includes helping dental clinics boost awareness, build credibility, and use these to leverage their growth. Moreover, they are also offering services that can help you with whatever stage your dental clinic is in.

9. Little Dragon Media

little dragon media marketing agencies for dental clinics

Little Dragon Media can help dental clinics reach their goals through marketing strategies that worked and come up with new ideas that fit the brand personality. Moreover, they are also featured in several publications online and offline which just shows how credible this agency is in whatever they do. Get that full-circle to revamp and bring your clinic to the next level.

10. Jaw Drop Marketing

Allow yourself to have fewer things to worry about and just focus on simply running the operations of your dental clinic. Jaw Drop Marketing got your back in terms of building your credibility online and offline that can eventually bring in more patients and generate income. Since 1999, they have worked with 80+ dentists who are all happy with the knowledge and results they delivered.


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