Marketplaces for Designers & Creatives: Yes or No? [MasterBundles Case]


MasterBundles is an innovative marketplace with graphic design products, which today is a real discovery for designers and graphic content creators, regardless of their work style and professional level.

This marketplace for beginners is an opportunity to start monetizing creativity on a platform with a low level of competition (in relation to other marketplaces), and for professionals, it is a chance to transfer their business to a stable platform with a simple withdrawal of funds and get even more customers using the built-in system promotion and rating of suppliers. In addition, your MB store can be a handy portfolio that also generates income.


Why choose MasterBundles?

The great news for anyone who already liked the platform is that the platform performed well at the start, and is now entering the global market with great success. This is definitely good news because the marketplace is not oversaturated, there are no inflated prices, and there is no cosmic level of competition. This is good for all participants of the platform, and also, armed with all the informational opportunities around the platform, you can take your business to a new level of fame and earnings. After all, any mention of MasterBundles is converted into an increase in sales, and an influx of new customers to the creators of graphic design, which are posted on our resource.

But what other benefits does a vendor get?

  • Convenient vendor’s cabinet. The main actions take place here, and for the convenience of vendors, the cabinet is designed as intuitively and conveniently as possible.
  • It is very easy to publish your product. The Sell Your Deal form exists to make the process of publishing products as easy as possible. At each stage, there are hints about what the format should be, what tags to use, file size requirements, and more.
  • Promotion. The platform also helps promote your creativity: a constant mailing list with an audience of about 70,000 people, a system of thematic product selections that constantly draws the attention of buyers to certain categories of goods, as well as to sellers. After all, if we talk about team MB, then it loves when you earn money and believes in your success.
  • The ability to set your own prices for products. Of course, the MB team will suggest the best price for products in a particular category, but the last word is always with the vendor. You and only you decide how much your graphic product costs.
  • Simple and fast withdrawal of funds. The platform has several stable ways to withdraw money. Just choose the payment option that is convenient for you and easily withdraw money.


How to achieve success on the MasterBundles?

If you are a vendor, you should start by registering on the platform, then feel free to publish your products or bundles using the Sell Your Deal form. A bundle is a package of graphic products made in the same style, which are sold for one price. Working with bundles is very convenient. But you can also sell single products on the platform.



After you have posted your product, it is moderated. It is not difficult to publish and properly configure the product. Blog articles on this topic and tooltips during product placement on the portal will help you with this. In fact, everything is simple. You: place a product – sell – withdraw money.

You’ve published products, you’ve got your first sales, and that’s great. Now you need to grow your business! It’s time for promotion – a very important success factor in your business.

In addition to external promotion, MasterBundles already has an excellent internal promotion system. Yes, the more the vendor advertises himself, the more people he attracts to his page in MasterBundles, and the more sales he has. But it is natural that not only this provides an influx of buyers. Inside the platform, a complexly scripted vendor rating system is well organized, which evaluates each vendor according to several parameters at once, and it really helps high-quality, sociable vendors who care about their customers to increase their profits and develop and attract new customers. And also, it helps beginners to take the right benchmark for development. The seller rating system is specially made in order to accelerate the growth, skill, and earnings of each vendor. And for customers, the vendor rating system will help them choose the most suitable creator of graphic products.

Therefore, become the best vendor, improve your skills, sell your graphic design.



A large community is a big plus!

It is very important that a large and friendly community has already formed around the marketplace.

First of all, it is a support service that will answer all your questions as soon as possible, guide you through all the steps from adding an item to the MB to withdrawing money. They will help you quickly pass moderation, choose the right tags and category, and also help you present your product to the client in the most profitable and SEO-optimized way.

In addition to support, the platform has a blog that regularly publishes tutorials, reviews, comparisons, and talks about trends. In addition, articles regularly reveal ways to improve vendor creativity and effectiveness. Not to mention the wide presence of the MB community on major social networks, where you can also share your experience or ask questions.


The future of the marketplace MasterBundles

The marketplace constantly attracts new designers, new creators and vendors, collects feedback from customers and converts this experience into another step that brings MasterBundles closer to the main goal, to the implementation of the company’s mission, which was formulated by the CEO of the platform Nikolay Tokarev:

“We aim to be one of the best marketplaces in the world that will offer customers thousands of bundles containing millions of stylish and high-quality visuals for creating exquisite graphic designs. We want designers from all over the world to earn millions of dollars!”

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