5 punchy easy-to-edit media kit templates for bloggers

Media Kit Templates

The best way to convince people to work with you?

Impress them with a professional media kit. Show ‘em what you’ve got in a presentable way.

Get those companies excited about what you have to offer.

If you do not have the time to create your own media kit nor have the budget to hire a designer, we have a solution for that.

We created these media kit templates that you can easily edit using the Microsoft Word software. No PHOTOSHOP needed.

Just open up your Microsoft Word software and replace the existing content with your own. Save it in PDF format and voila!

Easy peasy.

These are instant download. And that means, once the payment is made, the files will be delivered straight to your inbox.

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Creative Media Kit + Press Kit Templates

1. Cute One-Page Media Kit Template

One-Page Media Kit Template

In love with all things cutie? Here’s a one-page media kit for you! In this media kit, you’ll be able to show your blog profile, personal profile, social media channels, services offered, brands you’ve worked with, audience’s statistics and the topics that your audience loves.

Your Investment: $28.99USD

2. One-Page Media Kit Template

One-Page Media Kit Template

Need a quick and simple media kit template where all your details are in a single page? Want companies to immediately see what you have to offer without all those fancy elements? Here’s a template for you.

This high-quality template is available in 6 colors and can be easily change to whatever colors you want. It also includes samples and a guideline to editing and saving your media kit.

Requirement: Microsoft Word (2007 or up) and Mac or PC

Your Investment: $28.99USD

3. Three-Page Minimalist Media Kit Template

Three-Page Media Kit Template

Well, you might not like the single media kit template above because you’re the type of person who wants to look “thoughtful” so you want a 3-page instead. Or perhaps, you have a lot of things to include that can’t fit in a single page. If so, then this 3-page template is for you.

This one is in gray, white and black color, but you can easily change the colors to match your branding.

The requirements are the same. You have the have Microsoft Word (2007 or up). Compatible with Mac or PC.

Your Investment: $28.99USD

4. Three-Page Gold Media Kit Template

Gold Media Kit Template

If you’re that woman looking for a professionally-made but fancy media kit, here’s a great one for you. It’s basically the same as the one above but the header layout for the main page is slightly different.

Same requirements and can be easily edited using Word! A sample media kit and a guideline are included.

Your Investment: $28.99USD

5. Quick One-Page Media Kit Template

Black and White and Cute Media Kit Template

This super cute templates are great for beginners, those who do not have much things to put on their media kit (like testimonials, work samples, photo of yourself, etc.).

It’s available in 2 versions (black and white and colored!).

Your Investment: $28.99USD

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Which one is your favorite? Would love to hear your feedback on the comments below!


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