How To Merge Similar Facebook Pages


  1. First of all you need to own a Facebook account. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. After you have successfully logged in, go the page with the fewer likes. Once you have gone there, you would find a tab on top of the page that says ‘Edit Page’. Click ‘Edit Page’ and select ‘Update Public Info’. merge page
  3. Find the ‘Resources’ link from the left menu bar. A new page should show up then click ‘Merge Duplicate Pages’. This link will only be seen if you own two pages with the same names. merge facebook page
  4. Lastly you need to check the boxes next to the page or multiple pages that you want to merge. If your page has a location, the other page you want to merge must also have the same location.

The procedures shown above will help you to conjoin those pages together and it would be easy for you to control. However, remember one thing, the pages must be similar in name and basic detail in order to be merged and only the pages with fewer likes can be merged with the greater. If you do not have the same name and details, just change it and then merge. Merging will bring all the likes and check-ins to the page with greater likes but delete posts permanently from that page.

However, the content on the pages with the higher rates of likes will not be changed. The page that you have merged was a page with fewer likes in comparison, that page will be completely be removed from Facebook whatsoever and there is no way you can unmerge it later on.

Facebook pages have got a massive hit right from the initial days of its launch. The users are much enthusiastic about those pages and thus coming up with several pages for themselves. It is taken as a platform to shout out your creativity along with providing entertainment to the world mostly. When you are with multiple pages, like most of the users have then it becomes a hard job to maintain both at the same time whereas they are serving the same purpose.

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