How To Message Many People At Once On Facebook

Networking means sharing your views or messages to others who are willing (or sometimes, not) to hear you out. Facebook is the most popular social networking site, and we are not unfamiliar about how it works as a networking medium.

Facebook deals with this by enabling their messaging options. You may now send a message to one or twenty people at a time. This thing may turn frustrating for anyone, so this article will aim to avoid those confusions with some easy steps that you can follow.


Facebook limit its users to send messages to only 20 recipients at once due to their technical issues and avoiding spam messages. However, the solution to this problem is that you make a list by category and add friends from your list of acquaintances.If you make a ‘friend list’, you would be able to send messages to all those friends in that particular category, meaning you do not need to select them one by one anymore.

  1. To make a new list, log in to your Facebook account and go to your own timeline.
  2. Below your cover picture and on the right-side of your profile picture, you will get several tabs. Click on ‘Friends’ that is the third tab. Select ‘Edit Friends’.
  3. Then you will see a button which says ‘Create a list’ in order to create a new list of friends.Select the friends that you want to keep in the list.

    You can select up to 20 friends from your list of friends in a particular group. They can be categorized as your schoolmates, office colleagues, best friends, or whatever you thing of them.

  4. When selection is done, click ‘Create List’.

Now when you send a message, at the ‘To’ field, entering the first letter of the name of the group will suggest you to enter that list in that field. Do accordingly and send.

Other thing you need to know:

  1. By following this method, you do not need to select friends every time and also be able to send messages to multiple friends in a short time an easy way.

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