20+ Mobile Ui Settings Designs For Inspiration

The settings page for every mobile app is more than just a boring old component, but a vital part of the app. It should match well with your app’s color scheme and theme. With that, here are some inspirational UI settings designs to get you motivated for developing apps.

List of Mobile UI Settings Designs for Inspiration

Here are more than 20 UI designs for mobile settings:

1. Visualarm


Visualarm is an iOS app that lets you drag and drop your alarm times in a smooth and graphical interface. It comes in various colors and the settings layout is quite smooth with its design.

2. Haze


Haze is a nice weather app that gives the user audiovisual experience and a smooth UI. The settings have icons and even a random trivia.

3. City Guides


This app is sponsored by National Geographic and allows you to explore cities and landmarks. The settings page is neat and has clear crisp typography.

4. Televised ~ TV Shows Weekly


This is an app for tracking TV shows and their airtimes. The settings page is a sleek black and white.

5. Beat


Beat is a gesture-based music player for iOS. It has a smooth and fluid interface even up to the settings page.

6. Gabi


Gabi is an app that filters out your Facebook feed to your preferences. The UI designs up to the settings are great.

7. Grid Lens


Grid Lens is a creatively-designed photography app. The settings and instructions page both have visually-unique layouts and colors.

8. Solar Weather


Solar Weather is yet another weather app. It has a smooth interface and UI design, with minimalistic typography.

9. Tick Tock Settings


This is a UI project design / concept designed by Jamie Skye. The colors are minimalistic but smooth.

10. Habit List


Habit List is a to-do-list app with a calendar and more. It has a vintage/paper-style design.

11. Clear Up


This is a UI project for iPhone that’s supposed to clear up browser and application cache. The design is quite smooth and professional.

12. Tumblr


The ever-famous microblogging site Tumblr also has a neatly-designed app, sticking with the dark-gray blue smooth UI interface scheme.

13. Thermostat App


This is a redesign project of a thermostat app, in which the color changes when you set the temperature in a different way.

14. Vine


The Vine app may have a simple UI design but it counts as a great UI design inspiration with its uniformity and clear typography.

15. Showyou


Showyou is a video player for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and others. It has a nice settings app and other pages as well.

16. iPhone Clocks Alarm App Design


This is a project for iPhone of an alarm clock app. The settings page and the overall app has a smooth interface.

17. Diabetic Connect


This is a health app project that’s supposed to socially connect diabetes patients and keep track of their health.

18. Mechanical Pomodro


This is a time-keeping app that has a very fancy-looking settings page.

19. Thermo


Thermo is a realistic-looking thermometer app that has a unique settings page as well.

20. Colorendar


Colorendar, as the name implies, is a calendar app that can be assigned colors for each day of the week. The settings and the overall UI is straightforward and colorful.

21. Hotlst


Hotlst is an app for prioritizing people, used by professionals with tight schedules. The settings page has unique terms for rating people and colors as well.

22. Freshbox


Freshbox is an app that helps you find out the shelf life of food products. It has a clean and light-blue UI scheme.

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