25 Great (high Quality And Modern) Examples Of Creative Cv Resume Design

Your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume will speak volumes about you. No matter what you put into your CV, it will either help you land a job or be the main reason for you not to get the job you always wanted. In most cases, before you can actually make it to the interview, your CV will first be scrutinized, leaving you with only the choice of letting your CV speak for yourself.

It’s undeniable that almost all applicants will have their CV or resume. Therefore, it is no great wonder if your application will easily drown in the midst of the sea of resume. You need to do something to help your CV stand out from the pack. Aside from the essential information that you include in your application form, it is equally important that you work on its aesthetic aspect.

Needless to say, most hiring managers are visual creatures. They will mostly scan through CVs but if your CV is unique and aesthetically impressive, it will catch your employer’s attention and will most likely spend more time reading it.

With all these in mind, it is a must that you make your resume impressive and interesting. I only included high quality and modern CV resume design so that you’ll be able to get a new insight and inspiration. So check out these 25 items and see how it can inspire you.

1. Sara Catanzariti

2. Clean CV

3. Erin is the ticket

4. Gabriel Ghnassia

5. Stylish CV

6. Flyer Resume

7. Dwight Schrute’s Resume

8. Katie Briggs

9. Board Game Resume

10. Infographic Resume

11. CSS Author

12. Spooky CV Resume

13. Curriculum Vitae

14. Graphic Design CV

15. Graphic CV

16. Web and Graphic Design CV

17. Black Minimalistic CV

18. Sleek and Professional CV

19. Evolution of a Designer

20. Anime Design

21. Life Chart

22. Water Raft

23. Aura

24. Beijing Betia

25. Anatomy of a Designer

These modern designs are all wonderful and fantastic way to gain an insight for your CV resume. I am sure that you’ll have a new perspective on how you will design your next CV. When you have the right tools and strategy, you’re better equipped for the job application.

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