How To Move Facebook Fan Page Photos From One Album To Another

Moving photos between albums in Facebook is fairly easy. However Facebook has still not made a provision to merge albums or copy multiple photos between albums. A user is currently limited to moving one snap at a time.

Given the rate at which Facebook is enhancing user profiles, these features are sure to be rolled out soon.

For now, have fun making fun new collages, thematic albums and mixed pictures to show off to your friends on Facebook. Keep watching this space for more tips and tricks to work with your timelines, Facebook profile for a hip ‘n’ happening user account on the social networking site.

How to move page photos to another album:

  1. View your Facebook page’s timeline.
  2. You will see “Photos” tab on your timeline then click “Albums” tab. Now select the album which has the snap you want to move.
  3. Once the album is displayed, look at the link to the top right corner and click on the “Edit” button link. (A new page is displayed with all your photos and images. This page allows you to edit tag names, dates, photo descriptions and snap positions in the album.)
    click EDIT button
  4. Hover your mouse cursor over the snap you want move and wait for a button with a small down arrow to appear. Click on that arrow at the right of the picture and select “Move to other album”.
  5. A popup appears allowing you to choose the destination album.
  6. Select your destination album and click on Move Photo.

That’s it. Your picture now appears in the new album. Close the first album and open the new album to verify.

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