HOW-TO: Move Feedburner Subscribers from Blogger to WordPress

So you’ve finally moved to WordPress, congrats! But you know you’re not finished until you migrate your subscribers from Blogger to WordPress. In this post, you’ll learn how to properly transfer your subscribers for free. I have included screenshots as well to make it easier for you to follow through.

  1. Go to your Feedburner account.
  2. Click on the feed (your blog) you want to migrate. Here’s my Blogger’s feed (Pauline Cabrera):
  3. Click the “Edit Feed Details” link.
  4. Replace the URL on the “Original Feed” with your WordPress Feed URL. Original Feed
  5. Click “Save Feed Details” once you’re finished.
  6. Now we will go back to your Blogger and modify the settings to redirect your Blogger feed to WordPress. Login back to your Blogger account.
  7. Click “Settings” from the left sidebar > select “Other. Settings then select Other from the left sidebar
  8. In the “Post Feed Redirect URL”, replace the current URL with your Feedburner “Feed Address” (please note: you must enter the “FEED ADDRESS”, not the Original feed URL.) It should look like this: Take a look at mine:
  9. And you’re done!!! Post Feed Redirect URL

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