10+ Best Moving Company Website Design Examples & Inspirations

Standing out from other moving companies locally can be challenging but putting up the work on a good website design can help you grow your clientele. Here, we rounded up 10+ Best Moving Company Website Design Examples & Inspirations so you can get their best practices and work on revamping your website to reach its potential.

10+ Best Moving Company Website Design Examples & Inspirations

1. Empire Moving Group

Empire Moving Website Design Examples

With image of happily carrying boxes puts Empire Moving Group as a company that ensures their clients are satisfied with the service they extend. They kept the website straightforward and easy to navigate which can help clients who are in a rush — their contact number is highlighted on the top right of the page and scrolling a bit down brings you to a form one can accomplish. They also added a section featuring the feedback they received along with their overall rating from previous clients.

2. Moving

Moving is another neat moving company website design example that you can take inspiration from. They implemented a contact form that clients can easily accomplish and send without much fuss. Furthermore, their web copy focuses on in-depth storytelling about the company’s background along with their vision to help more clients. Easy-to-follow steps of the overall process are also available which can give the client an idea of how things work.

3. Allied

Allied Website

Another good moving company website design example to check out is Allied. They implemented their brand colours which helped them maintain a cohesive look throughout the page. Moreover, their use of form allows their clients to get an estimate for local moving bookings before touching base with the team. This helps filter out leads and only push forward with viable ones. Icons are also added in sections which can signal the reader where specific information is located.

4. Relief Movers

With a simple website design, Relief Movers mapped their website to have different sections that talk about different aspects of their business. From an overview of the business background to the services offered, they ensure that all necessary information is present at the potential client’s disposal. Besides this, call-to-action buttons are also added to convert interested clients to actual paying clients. By the end of the page, they added a Google map location to give the client an overview of the area they cover.

5. Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant Moving Website Design Examples

Gentle Giant features a video clip of their team in an actual moving appointment. This gives a general overview of the business along with their committed team to make moving easier for their clients. Moreover, they created sections to highlight their services and what their previous clients have to say about the business. Besides this, they also added publications that featured them to boost their credibility and get new clients to consider them.

6. Bin It

Making moving interestingly easy, Bin It lends its clients bins that make packing easier and faster. Their website focuses on communicating the benefits of their service along with the process for each booking. With this in mind, they also highlighted the feedback from previous clients along with their ratings. Images showing the bins are also added to help the copy deliver the intended message.

7. North Star Moving

North Star Moving Website Design Examples

North Star Moving is another moving company website example that you can check out if you have time. Their website is neat with white background and red accents. This is also complemented by the use of elements to trigger different associations and direct clients who skim to what they need to see. Moreover, they added a video clip of why they make a good partner in moving which can attract clients who are new to the business and feel at ease working with them.

8. Purple Heart Moving Group

Focusing on convenience, Purple Heart Moving Group added a contact form on their landing page to help clients get a quotation depending on their situation. Additionally, there is also a messaging plug-in on the left side of the page that you can click for a chat plug-in. Their copy is well-written with the communication strategy focused on what they can do for their clients.

9. 24/7 Logistics Services

247 Logistics Moving Website Design Examples

24/7 Logistics Services is another of the best moving company website design inspiration that you can get ideas from. With both a contact form and a real-time chat plug-in, they ensure that all leads are attended to and nurtured to benefit the business. Besides this, they also highlighted their long-distance moving service and added a list of the cities they cater to.

10. U-Haul

Simple and modern in design, U-Haul wows us with its carousel slideshow of snapshots inside the business. They also added a contact form so clients can request quotations with ease. Moreover, information about their team and services offered are highlighted in the sections before. They added images on each to somehow help with the narrative of each copy.


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