Muting Messages And Chats On Facebook

One of the most interesting thing about Facebook, which can also be among the most annoying things as well, is the messaging feature. Going for the usual e-mail-style of sending messages is already accepted as a standard, and this includes the ability to embed links, send attachments, and even use emoticons. However, to integrate further with the chat feature of Facebook, the management made these messages or threads appear side by side, i.e., what appears on one appears on the other.

Together with this, once you’re online on chat, every person who sends you message will pop up a chat head on your window (appearing and starting from the lower right area of your screen), and associated with it is a notification sound to let you know you’ve got ‘something.’ The same feature also works on most if not all smart devices of today, and this is what we now call as the ‘push notification.’ If you are wondering if there is an option to turn this on or off, yes, there is.

The simplest way to put the said option is to ‘mute’ a conversation so that the push notification will not work on that particular thread. Muting a conversation will make all messages directed to the Inbox as expected, but there’ll be no chat window popping up, nor will there be any instant notification on your smart devices with the FB messenger running in the background. This is really effective if you just wanted to see all messages as ‘classic’ messages, and hence, not be disturbed especially when you’re at work.

The steps are fairly simple and come in two simple methods.

Method 1:

  1. Whatever page you are in on Facebook, as long as you are logged on, go to the second button (messages) after the Facebook logo on the top left of the page. This will give you a drop-down list of messages with the first line of every message from every person you recently had conversation with.

    Note: If you are already at the page on messaging, you can skip to step 3.

  2. Click ‘See All’ at the bottom of the list.
  3. Select a particular person or group on the left that you want message threads muted.
  4. OpenMsgFB

  5. Once the most recent messages appear on the main messaging area, go to the controls found on top, overlapping the previous messages. Click on the Actions button.
  6. ActionGearFB

  7. From the list of options, simply select ‘Mute Conversation…’ This will open a notification window saying what will happen, which we have talked about a while ago.
  8. MuteConverFB

  9. Press ‘Mute’ to finalize the decision.
  10. MuteConverFB2

A greyed dash will appear shortly on top of the conversation to let you know of this change. Click ‘Unmute’ immediately if you want to undo this action.

Method 2:

  1. When a chat window is open, choose which conversation you want to mute.
  2. Click the ‘gear’ button (options) on top of the chat window. It should give you a list of options.
  3. ChatWindowGearFB

  4. Select ‘Mute Conversation.’ This will again give you the same pop-up window.
  5. MuteConverCWFB

  6. Press ‘Mute’ and you’re done.
  7. MuteConverFB2

Note: To mute multiple threads, you have to manually select and mute each thread one after the other. This is to avoid muting threads that are not intended to be muted.

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