how-to: create navigation menus in wordpress

WordPress is packed with so many features and capabilities that will truly improve your website. However, to really maximize the power of WordPress, you should know the different ways on how you can customize you page. For example, creating a navigation menu in WordPress will help you change how your website work and appear.

The WordPress navigation menu will facilitate your site visitors to easily go through the content of your website. The navigation menu will also assist you to organize your content in a systematic manner. With all these benefits, it’s only logical for you to take advantage of this.

In this post, we’ll go through the basic steps on how to create a navigation menu. I included photos as well to guide you through the procedure.

Creating Menu

  1. To get started, log in to your WordPress site.
  2. Click the “Appearance” menu on the left hand side > select “Menus”.
  3. Now you’ll see the menus editor. To create a menu, change the default menu name to your own. For example, I’ll use “Header Menu” as the name for my first menu:
  4. Now, add links from the “Pages” to the Menu. For example, I want to add the “Blogging Tips” category to my first menu. I will expand the “Categories” section > click “View All” > check “Blogging Tips” > click “Add to Menu”. Now look at my menu:
  5. Then click “Save Menu”. Now you’ve created your menu.

Displaying your menu

  1. Stay on the Menu editor and click the “Manage Locations”
  2. Now select the menu you want to be displayed on the primary menu. For example, I’ll select the menu I just created, the “Header menu” one:
  3. Click “Save Changes”.
  4. Now view your site and see if your menu is displaying right.

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