New Long Shadow Flat Icons Set From Hongkiat

We’ve come across a lot of posts talking about the new trend for graphic design, particularly to designing icons. Taking on the lead is the flat icon design, which features a more minimalistic approach to designing without losing clarity and subtlety. However, this trend is enhanced with a new design movement called the long shadow designs. As the name suggests, these designs are essentially flat designs, but with a touch of a long shadow with a 45-degree orientation.

HongKiat offers a real good set of samples to make us further understand the concept and principles of the new design trend. Using long shadow designs can be easy actually compared to how we as designers do designs before. With a few more reviews and careful scrutiny, you can surely be ignited with such inspirations to do a set of your own, as what Simon Rahm did.

Hongkiat Long Shadow Design

A candid reader of, Simon Rahm came across the samples of long shadow designs offered on the blog, and started out his own set as a contribution. It can be pretty impressive as this is only a 16-year old boy from Austria, but with skills of a veteran and professional designer. His Long Shadow Flat Icon set includes 21 icons that feature the latest trend, and the best thing is that, they’re all free. Icons include ones for the camera app, the calendar app, messaging app, contacts app, and a lot more for the mobile aspect.

Check out this link to get you directed to this incredible showcase of art. Along with the showcase, you are also given a list of download links depending on what particular icon size you are looking for this set. Starting with 12x12px in .png format, you can also get various sizes of up to 512x512px. Alternatively, if you plan on dragging these icons to your Adobe Illustrator for mathematical rescaling, you can also download the Illustrator file (.ai) from Hongkiat as well (

We’d love to see more inspired designers out there regardless the age, gender, and race, to share their works as Simon did today. How about you try today and see what you can come out with? I bet it’s as great-looking as we expect.

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