NJ Diet Reviews: Is a DNA Based Diet Plan Right for You?

Deciding to start a diet or weight loss program needs to be an educated choice. You need to understand what the program entails, how it will impact your overall health and well-being, and whether the diet will work for your goals. If you’ve been comparing popular diet options, you’re probably already aware of the extensive options available to consumers.

One of the more popular diet choices is the NJ Diet. This program suggests rapid weight loss to their clients while remaining medically supervised. The premise behind the program is quite simple; your biological makeup is unique and individual. The program that you follow to lose weight should also be customized to match this biological makeup, using over 50 markers as a guideline.

Although this program is designed to be 40-days long, it teaches participants how to implement changes into their daily routine to keep the weight off long-term. As a result, fewer participants regain weight after completing the program.

Who is this program designed for?

The NJ Diet program is designed for individuals looking to lose large amounts of weight in a short period of time. Unlike generic programs, the NJ Diet is built around an individual’s biological makeup. Individuals who have struggled with basic dieting methods may find this program helpful as it evaluates how the body breaks down and metabolizes food before developing a personalized meal plan.

Is this program safe for long-term use?

While you’re on the 40-day program, you’ll be expected to follow the exercise regimen, meal plan, and supplement guide. These items are entirely tailored to your specific needs, creating optimal health and healing. The program also works with all participants to understand the specific nutritional needs required to continue weight loss after the program is done. Although you won’t continue to follow the particular meal plan (it would be repetitive and boring to do so), you will be supported in successfully keeping the weight off after your medically supervised regimen.

Can pregnant or nursing women use this program?

As this program is structured under strict guidelines, pregnant or nursing women should always contact their family physician before starting a diet program. Due to the increased demand on the body, it may be wise to hold off starting a new diet program until after you have finished nursing. Restricting calories can be detrimental to a mother’s milk supply and can take vital minerals and nutrients from the mother’s body as a result.

Could a diabetic person register with the program?

Anyone with chronic or long-term conditions should contact their primary care physician before starting a diet or wellness plan. While most individuals facing diabetes, prediabetes, or other chronic conditions can successfully join the NJ Diet, consistent monitoring while on the program may be needed. As your body begins shedding pounds, the demand for medications or insulin may lessen. Staying on top of your optimal levels is vital to prevent hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) episodes.

Is the NJ Diet Safe?

Yes, multiple NJ Diet reviews have confirmed that this program is both safe and effective. Thanks to the medical evaluations, monitoring, and continued communication, all participants using the program remain safe throughout the 40-day program. The meal plan and supplement program work to keep the body in optimal condition, even with strict meal plans. Nutritional deficiencies lessen the body’s ability to function, which can reduce weight loss. By continuing to supplement the body, you’ll never have to worry about this happening while on the program.

What if I don’t like the meal plans provided?

When it comes to meal plans, we’d all like to enjoy high-calorie, dense foods. Unfortunately, it’s these eating choices that have put on the extra pounds. Getting used to the new meal plan may take some time and effort, especially if they’re foods you’re not used to eating. As this program is designed strictly for optimal weight loss, individuals must stick with the program as it’s written. If you have any allergies, it’s critical to talk to your personnel before starting the program. They’ll ensure these items are not on the menu.

Other Commonly Asked Questions of the NJ Diet Program

How much do the supplements cost on the program?

It’s hard to give a specific answer, as the pricing of supplements seems to vary depending on the person. For most people, the cost of the supplements can range between $900 and $2100. Individuals enrolled in the program need to purchase the supplements through their certified medical personnel to ensure the quality and strength of the product.

Both my partner and I need to lose weight. Can we share a program?

While the program may seem appropriate for both individuals, the science-based evaluation makes sharing almost impossible. That’s because every participant is expected to submit hair, blood, saliva, and DNA samples for consideration. These results determine the specific plan for the 40-day program, making it entirely customized. While one individual may need high levels of calcium supplements, the partner may not need any at all.

I don’t need to lose large amounts of weight. Should I use the NJ Diet?

This program is designed for individuals wanting to lose between 20-40 pounds in 40-days. It uses exercise, diet, and supplements to achieve drastic results in short periods. If you have less than 20 pounds of excess weight to lose, you must speak to the medical professionals before beginning. They may have individual recommendations, depending on your specific health needs.

Have other people had success on the NJ Diet?

Yes. There have been countless people, just like you, who have tried the NJ Diet. Most NJ Diet reviews on HealthCare Today boast individuals exceeding their weight loss goals. Other websites have participants noticing not only weight loss but overall health improvements of chronic illness. The company’s website currently offers written, photographic, and video reviews of its services for your consideration.

What if I run into a problem while on the program?

When enrolled in the NJ Diet, you’ll have direct access to your medical professional. Contact information includes a personal email address and direct phone number to contact them throughout your program. If you have any questions, problems, or concerns throughout the 40-days, you can speak with them directly, as needed. For emergencies, always proceed to the nearest emergency clinic.

What if there are no physical locations near me?

Participants can choose in-person or virtual visits throughout the program. If there is no physical location near your residence, consider booking a virtual appointment through the website. The level of service between virtual and in-person is identical, keeping customer health and happiness a top priority.


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