10+ Best Nonprofit Web Design Examples & Inspirations

If there’s one thing non-profit organizations need to communicate best on their website, it’s their advocacy and who they want to help. More than visuals, setting out a well-mapped website to support their narrative can benefit them in the long run. With not much fuss, we rounded up 10+ Best Nonprofit Web Design Examples & Inspirations that you can use for ideas to improve your website plan.

10+ Best Nonprofit Web Design Examples & Inspirations

1. World Wild Fund

World Wild Life Nonprofit Website Design

One of the world’s most known non-profit organizations, World Wild Fund helps with the most pressing issues in the conservation of nature — the wild and environment. This is evident through their use of real-life images featuring what they’re fighting for. Furthermore, they added sections with statistics to support their claims and also encourage more people to join as an advocate. They also added a section dedicated to related news and reports which can not only benefit from additional information but can help with search engine ranking too.

2. ALS

ALS has a minimalist website that focuses on informing the public about the disease and how they can help these patients. Scrolling further, we see a collage of the people they helped and pictures from their previous projects. Moreover, they added sections to elaborate on their mission and the steps they take in their advocacy. Besides this, they also included updates and developments about treatment.

3. Charity Water

Charity Water Nonprofit Website Design

With an immersive website design that features a video clip compilation of the community they help, Charity Water maximizes the landing page by incorporating an easy-to-accomplish donation form. This encourages site visitors to participate without much fuss and offers a seamless experience. The website also includes statistics on what they contributed and how they already positively impacted the community. A video embed is also added to further give an overview of the real-life conditions their beneficiaries face.

4. Gates Foundation

One of the best nonprofit website design examples, Gates Foundation executed a modern and professional website that’s easy to navigate and understand. They included succinct copy and imagery to support the narrative they’re going for. Keeping it simple, they also added statistics and other quantifiable measurements to communicate how they already impacted the community and also how their plans moving forward.

5. Invisible Children

Invisible Children Nonprofit Website Design

Emphasizing on the community, Invisible Children adds photos of their beneficiaries through their website. This allows them to have a consistent communication strategy that does not stray from their narrative. Furthermore, they added call-to-action buttons that direct site visitors to read more or even donate directly. The subtle transitions when scrolling and hovering the mouse on buttons also keep the attention of the audience and encourage them to scroll further.

6. National Geographic Society

With a drawer plug-in for donations, one can easily donate to the National Geographic Society and help their cause. This is perfect for them since they are already established advocates and their organization’s name easily rings a bell. But in case, they have a neat website that includes a panorama of the wild and call-to-action buttons placed throughout the page, inviting the audience to join the society.

7. The Trevor Project

Trevor Project Nonprofit Website Design

With vibrant and fun colours, The Trevor Project aims to uplift LGBTQ+ youth and prevent suicide. They used human models that can bridge a connection digitally with their audience and encourage them to listen to their narrative. Their copy is impressively written in an uplifting and embracing tone that goes hand in hand with their conversational style of writing — it feels as if they’re directly talking to you.

8. Ocean Conservatory

Ocean Conservatory is another good nonprofit website example to check out. They give the spotlight to the ocean and what steps we can all take to conserve these bodies of water and their inhabitants. Besides this, they also incorporated succinct copy and call-to-action buttons to encourage donations and support for the current and future projects they have.

9. Acumen

Acumen Website Inspiration

With a modern website design and bright colour choice, Acumen is another good nonprofit website example you can take time in. Their website highlights the community and how they intend to better themselves. Furthermore, they added sections that highlight their investments, the academy, and other important projects they take part in. Besides, their neat website also allows the reader to focus on the important content through their interchangeable use of neutral and accent colours.

10. Girls Who Code

Giving passionate and marginalized girls who intend to start their journey to be engineers, Girls Who Code highlights their beneficiaries and puts their dreams out there for the world to see. They added sections that give more information about their projects and a map overview of girls they helped all over the world. Testimonials and statistics are also good additions to boost the credibility of the organization.


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