How Often Should You Post On Your Facebook Page?

There is no doubt that Facebook has evolved from being just a mere social networking platform to social marketing tool. Since there are many people who are active in Facebook – actually more than 250 million of them – it has become the perfect realm for promoting ideas, products, and services.

Now, if you own a Facebook page, you might eventually wonder how many times you should make a post. This topic is a crucial matter to discuss as this may potentially affect the effectiveness of your Facebook page. Post too many things on your page might mean lost fans. On the other hand, posting too little may mean stagnant and passive fans as well. So both the extreme ends have detrimental effect on your success.

In this post, let us explore this topic deeper and find the right answer to this burning question.

Advantages of posting contents

Posting contents is necessary to show your fans that you are still alive and kicking. Contents will help your fans to be updated of the latest events in your page. Once you post content, it will be displayed on all your fan’s news feeds. In case they like your content, it will be spread even more to their contacts. You can say that your contents are the lifeblood of your Facebook page.

Factors to consider when posting contents

Knowing when and how many times you need to post content is really a complicated issue to address. Since each post is unique, they will all act differently and provide you various results. One post may have a life of 30 minutes while other posts may even last more than a day.

Another factor that might affect the life of your post is the number of other posts that will be competing in your fan’s news feed. If there will be posts that will be posted almost the same time as your posts, it is most likely that your post will be pushed farther and farther down the news feed.

Time difference may play a role as well. Not all your fans live in the same time zones. So basically, some of your fans will be sleeping while others are wide awake to notice your new contents.

Determine the purpose of your page

If you want to know how many times you should make a post, you need to determine first the purpose of your page. This is very helpful so that you will not annoy your fans with your posts.

For example, if your page is promoting a brand or service, then it will be unwise to overwhelm them with 20 posts per hour or even more than that. There is a big chance that your page will become too promotional to the point that your fans will ignore your remaining posts – or worse, they will unsubscribe from your page. Of course, you don’t want that to happen, right? Therefore moderation is a key.

Media companies such as news reports can post more contents. Since they have a wider range of things to talk about, their contents will stay fresh and interesting.

With these in mind, find out what your page is really like to know the frequency of your posts should be.

Answering the question

I know, after reading the information above, we still haven’t answered the question clearly. The truth is there is no clear-cut answer to our question. All we can do is to know the average or a certain range of frequency. Nevertheless, I am sure that you have a general idea after reading the aforementioned information.

To end this blog, I will simply conclude that you need to post at least 5-10 posts within a week to engage your fans. Moreover, if your page is a media in nature, then you need to post 20-100 posts per week to stay connected with your fans. Use the Facebook insight to see the performance of your posts. It will give you a fair picture how many impressions you are making real time. If you see that your impression is getting low, then this may indicate that you need to make another post within the next few hours.

Learn to weigh things and see the bigger picture. Eventually, you will see which method works and which do not. Please share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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