8 Useful Online Calendars That Will Help You Stay Organized

The use of calendar software is practical and favored by those that are leaning towards going “paperless”, or minimizing their use of paper. The different calendar software and apps available for use online are now highly advanced in terms of features. Some of these calendars are free, while others cost a few thousand dollars per month. While there is a huge difference in the cost of these apps, this difference is justified.

  1. If you are looking for a free calendar, among your best bets is Google Calendar. I’ve been using this for years and it has been very useful to me. This calendar offers an array of features, such as allowing you to let coworkers, family members, peers or friends know your schedule. This is especially convenient if you are very busy. Google Calendar can also be synchronized between several devices , and its reminder feature will notify you via SMS or email of an upcoming schedule. Invitations can also be sent out, and you will be able to keep track of who has RSVP’d to your invitation.
    google calendar
  2. Tungle.me is another free online calendar app that has plenty of special features such as consideration of time zone differences, synchronization, elimination of double bookings, setting schedules to either public or private and invitations.
  3. Yahoo! Calendar is a free online calendar that requires a Yahoo! ID. The online tool can handle events and feeds collected from various websites, and will allow you to schedule in advance (100 years), share your schedule with others, as well as set notifications for your cell phone, email and Yahoo’s instant messenger. Using this tool will also allow you to synchronize your calendar with an array of devices such as Palm, CalDAV, MS Office Outlook and mobile phones cellphones that can handle SyncML. Events can be republished, combined or read instantly.
  4. Another free online calendar that is perfect for families is Cozi. This calendar allows for easy coordination of schedules and works best with each member of the family getting their own Cozi calendar. This way, everyone can set the family gathering or party when everyone is free. For more sophisticated features, check out Cozi Gold.
    cozi calendar

  5. Timebridge is an online calendar for professionals, and allows for sending one email to employees, friends and clients. Using this calendar will allow you to coordinate schedules with others in an array of ways, making it effortless to schedule a meeting, by first ensuring that everyone is free at that hour, on that day. You could also have several calendars for different personal, business or other purposes.
  6. For sharing your schedule with different groups, there is ClearSync, an app that claims to be the perfect calendar for professionals as lawyers and doctors, as well as family members, organizations, church groups, schools and clubs. ClearSync simply manages your meetings and events for you, while also giving you the option to communicate with the individuals invited to the event or meeting. Calendar settings can be adjusted using any browser or internet-capable device, such as Smartphones. Multiple contact lists and calendars can be organized and shared with coworkers, colleagues, friends and family members.
    clear sync calendar
  7. CalendarWiz is much like Yahoo! Calendar in that it handles your web-based schedules. This tool is highly capable and flexible, allowing you to sort data many different ways. This tool is ideal for bigger groups or organizations such as community centers.

No matter what your personal or business needs are, there is an online calendar that will be sure to meet your requirements: it all comes down to finding which one will work best for you. To do this, search for an online calendar with features that meet your specific needs.

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