5 Awesome Online Spell-checking Tools You Can Use

No one is perfect all the time, especially with spelling out words and typing them across the keyboard. Spelling is important, because it makes a difference between words, and the wrong spelling of a word or a bunch of words could result to misunderstandings. Most of the time, there are new words added and created, such as medical or technology terms, which Microsoft Word doesn’t always have. Therefore, it is still important to rely on spell-checking tools online.

List of Awesome Online Spell-Checking Tools you can Use

Here are 5 great sites for you to easily check your spelling online:

1. CheckDog


CheckDog is a spelling checker that is real-time; it checks your spelling as you type, much like in Microsoft Word. Just enter the text on the text box on the left and you will get your results on the right panel to see if there are any wrong spellings. To change words with wrong spellings, just click on the suggested words on the right panel. The great thing about CheckDog is that when you type an individual word on the box, it shows you the word’s meaning on the spell check results, which is handy if you need to find the word’s meaning. It was originally known as spellr.us before it became CheckDog.

2. SpellChecker.net


If you want a full-fledged spelling checker on the Internet, this is one of the best ones, because it comes complete with spelling suggestions and language options. You can choose from 26 languages on the right panel. When you spell check, it opens a pop-up window that shows the results and you can quickly change all the words that were spelled wrong in one go. There are even options to ignore capitalized words, numbered words, mixed case words and domain names. Users are even free to create their own dictionary and add words to it.

3. PaperRater


Unlike ordinary spell checker websites, PaperRater is a tool that can be used for proofreading your documents, such as thesis, term papers, essays, reports, etc. This works well if you are checking the spelling more than just one sentence or paragraph. It has detailed correction about word usage, more than just spelling and grammar. All you need to provide are: title of the paper, body text, bibliography or sources, educational level (e.g. 6th grade, 7th grade or college), paper type (e.g. thesis, essay, short story) and an optional “Originality Detection” to avoid any plagiarism issues. Just agree on the Terms and Services and it will do its thing.

4. Respelt


Respelt is an online spell checking website that not only allows you to check text, but also websites and even RSS feed URLs. It requires no registration for checking spellings but if you want to create a custom dictionary then you will have to sign up for an account. A custom dictionary may be handy if you have words that are uncommon that you use a lot. However, it is only limited to spellings and not grammar checking.

5. Free Spell Checker


This spell checking site might look simple but it is free and it works. All you need to do is to paste or enter your text and click Spell Check. On the dialog box that will appear, it will give you suggestions of corrections for the misspelled words. After you are done, information about how many words were spell checked and how many edits will appear. Unfortunately, this spell checking tool only allows up to 500 characters.


Spelling is an important part of our daily lives, whether at work or school, so it’s a good idea to use free spell checkers when you need them the most.

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