3 top pagerank checkers – where to check your site pr

Just like in the military, in the navy, or in any organization, the World Wide Web can also have badges or awards. In this case, the Google PageRank, an algorithm designed by the search engine company to give ranks to websites (domain names) as to how popular their site is within the search engine and how much quality content they could give to users and viewers.

So, how do they determine Google PageRank? First, the Googlebot, or the search engine’s web crawler, goes through hundreds, thousands or even millions of websites, checking for backlinks – which are links that all point to a certain site, displayed from another site.

An example of a backlink is: a certain user posts links to the website of a friend on his or her own website, blog or forum. The more backlinks that a site can get, the better its PageRank can increase.

Are there limits and circumstances?! Of course.

  • First of all, Google has high standards and will not fall for spammy tricks such as randomly posting links to random blogs just to increase the backlink number.

  • Google only ensures that natural link building strategies are employed so that the website can truly deserve its PageRank and content quality.

There are numerous ways to increase your PR, most of which are in the hands of your dev team’s SEO analyzer or manager.

But for content creators, the answer is pretty much common sense – draw good attention to your website or blog using quality and interesting content.

Show them that your site has guts to make it through the World Wide Web’s interweaving horde of high-ranking online presences.

Checking the PageRank of a site can help you know what’s missing and what should be improved, and your influence in the cyber world.

If you are curious enough to know your PageRank or a certain website’s or blog’s, here are some useful online PageRank checkers that can help you out:

1. PRChecker.info


This PageRank checker tool simply asks for the domain in which you enter your website’s URL. It will display your site’s ranking out of 10. If your site’s rank is 0 or 1, don’t be dismayed – it’s normal if you’re a starter site. Mostly bigtime ones like Facebook (rank 9) or Twitter (rank 10) have higher ranks. You’ll get there someday if you work hard on your site enough. The site also has an embed option so you can display your PR to your site, and even an online checker, so users can check the PR of any website through your domain, with this site’s services.

2. CheckPageRank.net


If you want some more detailed information about your site’s PageRank, such as number of backlins, Alexa rank, referring domains, PR quality and others, then this cool site is a good find. It also displays the domain’s age, history, directory listing availability and domain availability (for other extensions such as .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc.). It checks as well if the PR is valid and other backlink specifications. It even offers services on increasing a site’s PageRank, with different price plans ranging from $300 to $600. Much like the first site, you can also embed the PageRank results on your website as it auto-updates based on Google’s standards.

3. PRChecker.net


For those who prefer a real-time checking of their website’s PageRank, this is a highly-recommended site. It readily checks your domain as you type – no need to submit or load additional pages! Not to mention, the website badges are truly eye-candies! There are variations too – PageRank, Alexa Rank, Website Worth, Page Authority, SEOmoz Rank, SEMrush Rank – all of which are really cool ways to know your website’s dominance and influence over the World Wide Web.

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