2 useful pagerank prediction tools

First and foremost, what is a PageRank? Think of it as an award or military badge that is given by Google to numerous websites once they have met a required amount of standards that make their site cut above the rest.

Specifically, it’s an algorithm that predicts how popular a site is on Google search and how much quality content a site contains.

Googlebot, the company’s automated web spider or web crawler, crawls through various sites and gathers information.

Based from these, Google assigns the website or blog’s PageRank, based on the number of backlinks, or links from other websites that direct back to the specific site in question. Note however, that PageRank is only assigned for domains (e.g. google.com), not subdomains, etc.

  • Knowing the PageRank of a site can help you to set goals as to what you need to increase more in the site, and how to make your online presence even more known, without the cheap, dirty ways of posting spam links to various blogs to gain attention.
  • But knowing the prediction of your PageRank can also help, because it can show you if you need to straighten up stuff on your site or maintain some off-kilter things to keep your rank in place.

So, are you curious on what your site’s PageRank prediction is? Or do you want to find out how popular your favorite site or any particular site is?

Here are 2 Sites that can predict Your Site PageRank:

1. Google PageRank Prediction


Description: On this PageRank determiner site, simply enter the domain you would like to check and it will display a tabled information of the domain: its current PR (PageRank), prediction and other extras like accuracy and number of backlinks.

However, the downside is that you have to subscribe to a Gold Account to remove an hourly limit of 10 requests.

The site, however, offers other tools, such as domain checkups (broken link checker, Alexa traffic rank, domain look-up, website speed test), SEO tools (backlink checker, keyword density checker, URL redirect checker, search listings preview), HTML tools (encrypting, optimizer, meta-tags extractor) and miscellaneous ones (Google AdSense calculator, anonymous e-mailer, Internet speed test).

2. Rusty Brick’s Google PageRank Prediction


Description: Rusty Brick’s prediction site works just the same with the previous PageRank prediction site, except without the extra details.

The site also has additional SEO tools such as: keyword position checker, dynamic keyword phrase generator, search engine relevancy challenge, and more. Other services that this website offers include numerous iPhone apps, Android apps and even Google Glass apps!

Quick Tip!

So how do you boost your website’s PageRank? Simple – you need to be more popular, but not in a cheap and spammy way. People have to link back to your site not by brute spam force, but because they want to.

Your site should be talked about and discussed a lot, which means you should give them not just interesting content but also quality stuff, because Google has high standards when it comes to PageRanks and such.

PageRank can and will boost your online identity, either for your business or personal needs. Bloggers who make a living out of it can gain more audience if their PageRank increases. Business identities can benefit from it, since their online presence will increase and their market or target audience will also widen. Organizations can seek help from more interested people if their site becomes more known and their cause is spread throughout more people.

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