10+ Best Personal Injury Website Examples & Inspirations

Show potential personal injury victims that you got their back by building a website that highlights your expertise in the business and track record. In case you have no idea where to start, we listed down 10+ Best Personal Injury Website Examples & Inspirations we can go through one by one to learn what works and how you can incorporate it into your website.

10+ Best Personal Injury Website Examples & Inspirations

1. McClellan Law Firm

McClellan Law Firm Personal Injury Website Design Examples

With a sleek and modern website design, McClellan Law Firm uses a dark theme which creates a more serious atmosphere for their site visitors. They also included their team members on the landing page with a headline about how much experience matters. This creates an understatement that they’re experts in their respective niches and can surely help the site visitor with whatever they need. Scrolling a bit also shows us the awards and acknowledgements they received.

2. Kaiser Law Office

A bit traditional but indeed professionally designed, Kaiser Law Office features their group of lawyers with a showcase of their winning statistics over the years. Besides this, they also incorporated a top menu bar and easily accessible contact details on the header. Call-to-action buttons are encouraging potential clients to touch base with their team. They even implemented a chat plug-in for real-time interaction with inquirers. Furthermore, they added a section enumerating the services they cater with each directed to another page with more information.

3. The Gomez Firm

The Gomez Personal Injury Website Design Examples

Highlighting its status as one of the best law firms in the industry, The Gomez Firm added it in its headline copy. Moreover, their call-to-action buttons are directed to encourage potential clients to contact them which is evident through the use of chat plug-ins, triggers, and accent colours focused on contact details. Additionally, they incorporated video clips that give an overview of the firm and a summary of verdicts highlighting the value won.

4. West Coast

Featuring a panoramic shot of the West Coast, this law firm focuses on highlighting its winning statistics and ensuring it communicates what services they extend. Their copy is all well-written and formatted into bite-size pieces for easy skimming and does not bore the client through long-form writeups. Besides this, they also added a section to feature all their media mentions and awards to further establish their expertise in the business.

5. Marrone Law

Marrone Personal Injury Website Design Examples

One of the best personal injury website design examples you can check out, Marrone Law has a sleek and modern website design. They highlighted their best attorneys which can help establish a connection with the audience. At the same time, this also encourages trust as we’re designed to not only believe what’s said but also ensure that we’re comfortable with the people we work with. They added media appearances and call-to-action buttons for consultation.

6. Grossman Law Offices

Showcasing their roster of attorneys, Grossman Law Offices highlight their winning cases to set expectations with the potential clients. They also added different sections to make their content easy to understand with image cues. Furthermore, they also incorporated a contact format that allows potential clients to touch base with the team and share what they need help with.

7. Jackowiak

Jackowiak Personal Injury Website Design Examples

With an impactful copy and earthy strong colour choices, Jackowiak sure knows when to stand his ground. His personal injury website design is one of the industry’s finest. He added his contact details and emphasized how he provides 24/7 service to ensure that his clients are well taken care of. He added icons and enumerated what areas in the field he focus on. At the same time, his website also offers language choices making it more inclusive.

8. Kanoski

Quite powerful with his colour palette choices, Kanoski stays true to his mission to help personal injury victims win their cases. He has a well-written copy and implemented the rule of three in his headline. Besides this, he also ensured the addition of chat plug-ins and call-to-action buttons to encourage potential clients to get in touch with their team, more effectively converting these leads.

9. Flanagan & Bodenheimer

Flanagan & Bodenheimer Personal Injury Website

Flanagan & Bodenheimer wows us with a clean and professional website. They implemented a top menu bar for easy navigation on the client’s end. At the same time, a chat plug-in was also incorporated for more casual and prompt communication with leads. Furthermore, they added sections that handle potential objections of victims — how they can help them, what makes them the best for them, and others. They also added a section highlighting their affiliations and awards.

10. Davis Law Group

Davis Law Group is a good personal injury website design example. They added a full-screen photo of what goes on inside the court — encouraging the client to visualize them defending them in court. Paired with strong copy, this could leave a strong impression and at the same time, establish their authority in the business.


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