13 Best Photography Websites To Find Inspiration

It’s a tricky task to create an image-based portfolio through a website. It’s different from a regular website where there’s a consistent structure. But, in a photography website, there are no limits.

If you want more attention, you need to be more creative. However, you must make sure that your website is still highlighting its main goal, i.e. to showcase your photos.

Keep in mind that photography websites are made to attract clients or show photos and images.

In attracting new clients, your website must represent your target demographic. For instance, if you want to create a wedding photography website, then you must display your wedding photos and images. On the other hand, if you’re giving your audience the wrong image, you won’t attract prospective customers.

Here’s a list of 13 high quality photography websites that can give you some ideas on how your photography website should be like.

1. Bottlebellphotography.com

This photography website isn’t different from any other photography websites you can find online. But the owner added a style that represents the photographer’s vision. It isn’t a regular website that you may stumble upon but its content is very interesting.

2. Danielkennedy.com

The photographer, Dan Kenney, is a celebrity and fashion photographer. Just by looking at his website’s homepage, you’ll know that it’s about fashion and celebrities. The photos are presented in a simple yet colorful website. It’s also easy to navigate, without the presence of unnecessary buttons and links.

3. Jasonbellphoto.com


Jason Bell’s photos were used in numerous film posters. But you won’t see them here. However, he made sure that he showcased some of his best shots featured in various fashion magazines, from Vanity Fair to Vogue.

4. Eastphotographic.com

It’s a website featuring the shots of several photographers. In this website, the content matters a lot. One of the first things that you may notice is its simplicity. Its homepage won’t give you heavy reading. If you want to explore its array of photos, then you just need to click one button, i.e. Portfolios.

5. Kmendozaphoto.com

It’s a wedding and lifestyle photography website. Kim showcases her most attractive photos through this website. You can’t easily see the navigation menu. This is one trick utilized by this site. That is, the owner wants you to focus on the images and nothing else. Plus, it has a nice background music.

6. Levonbiss.com

Levon showcases his shots he made for international brands. It provides photos of sports and celebrities.

7. Timothy-hogan.com

The site doesn’t only include photos but also videos of Tim while working on some of his projects. It’s a good place to know how a professional photographer looks for inspiration.

8. Jeremycowart.com

Jeremy’s website will grab your attention through his slideshow that showcases some of his dramatic images. The photos range from nature to fashion to celebrity photography. With its diversity, there’s always something different you can find.

9. Koendemuynck.com

This photography website of Koen Demuynck utilizes a light background in order to emphasize the site’s photographs. It presents his recent work and previous photos.

10. Fredrikclement.com

This website is a good example of self-promotion. The homepage gives you an idea of what Fred is fond of shooting – anything about sports. When you dig deeper, you’ll find nothing but his best work.

11. Brentstirton.com

The site’s design is very effective. At the top, you’ll find the navigation menu. At the center, it presents some of the photographer’s best shots. It’s clearly provided to wow his audience.

12. Faceonimages.co.uk

It’s a beautiful website with stunning photo galleries. When you visit it, you’ll have no doubt that this photography site provides photos of almost anything that attracted the photographer. It also carries some of the owner’s best shots.

13. Andrewgransdenphotography.co.uk

The navigation is clear and simple. At quick glance, you’ll know what type of photography the photographer does. Its minimalist design is also a plus.

These high quality photography websites will give you some “photographic” ideas on how to build your own photography site. But you also need to consider that no matter how beautiful your website design is, you must still think about its content. Your clients won’t return if your site doesn’t inform what your niche is.

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