Pinning A Post On Top Of Your Facebook Page

Business pages now have the option to pin the most important posts posts at the top of their pages. This feature allows page admins to prioritize a particular page post by pinning them on top of the page. It will be the first update that fans can view at the top of your page. You can pin posts such as special events, promo deals for fans, contest giveaway, faq’s, urgent information and even the latest product feature. Learn to do this by reading the following guidelines.


  1. Look for the post that you want to pin and press the pencil icon located in the upper right portion of it.
  2. PencilPageFB

  3. Choose Pin to Top.
  4. PinToPPageFB

  5. An orange flag will be displayed in the upper right corner of your post. You can now find the post at the bottom of the sharing field of your timeline.
  6. OrangeFPageFB

Things you need to know:

  1. A pinned post will always be displayed at the top left portion of your Page’s timeline.
  2. Pinned posts will stay at the top of the page for seven days. Afterwards, it will move back to the date it was published in your timeline. However, you have the option to repin it again.
  3. Page admins can only pin posts which are created by the page.
  4. Post from fans or people who like the page can’t be converted into pinned posts.
  5. You may only pin one post at a time.
  6. You may also choose to highlight instead of pinning a post. When you highlight a post, the post is stretched across both columns of the wall. Furthermore, you can’t simultaneously pin and highlight a post at the same time.

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