9 Juicy Pinterest Tools: How I Get 30k Website Visits A Month From Pinterest

Do you want to up your Pinterest marketing game?

Pinterest Tools

Do you want to use Pinterest to create yourself more visibility, engagement and more sales?

Do you want to connect your incredible, high-value content with the millions of Pinterest users?

You likely know that Pinterest is one of the top content referrals in the social media world.

It drives a phenomenal amount of traffic and when done right, it has the potential to drive a huge level of traffic right to your website and become a powerful source of customers for your business.

Never did I expect that Pinterest would become my number one referral source for social traffic, but take it seriously and guaranteed you can do the same for yourself.

Here’s a summary of recent stats from Pinterest Analytics.

According to Pinterest, I get 2 million average monthly viewers with 60K engaged monthly. These are the people who see my pins and people who act on my pins. Most of my audience are female and mostly are from US, UK, Canada, Australia and Netherlands. The average views pins from my website get on Pinterest is 160K+.

Pinterest Traffic

And here’s the actual traffic I get (based on Google Analytics). See how I’ve been generating so much traffic from Pinterest alone!

Pinterest Traffic Google Analytics

So powerful!

As I’ve learned and gained the experience on how to wield Pinterest to create great traffic, I’ve picked up some incredible tools and I want to share them with you!

These tools are ones that I actually use and that actually work.

Let’s jump in!

I. Schedule Pins like a Pro

1. TailWind App

Top of the game, this is the best Pinterest tool out there that I have found.

Tailwind App

Tailwind is a full-out management tool for Pinterest with analytics options that will truly help you. Not only can you schedule and get your standard stats, but you can see pins that are trending, who your most influential followers are, who the top re-pinners are and analyze your competitors up close and personal.

Features I love:

  • Bulk Scheduling. Instead of having to schedule pins one by one, I can schedule multiple at a time through the bulk upload and Chrome extension (the best!).
  • Set a pinning schedule. I can create a schedule that fits my brand and audience, choosing what days and times I want to publish my pins. If I don’t know when the optimal time is, they can determine that for me using audience engagement, traffic and much more.
  • Easily connect to Canva. Most of us online have come to know the ease and functionality of Canva and Tailwind directly connects with it so that you can create images and upload them easily.
  • Repost to Instagram. Schedule your Insta posts to your Pinterest by connecting your Instagram with Tailwind.
  • Reschedule your existing pins with just one click. The shelf life of a pin is not very long, so it is an awesome feature to be able to reschedule popular pins. This is also super helpful to utilize for group boards!
  • Performance tracker + reporting. Through Tailwind, you can dive deep into the analytics behind how your Pinterest is really doing. You can see which of your pins have been most clicked on, most engaged and re-pinned. You can also track growth in followers, boards, likes and comments. And that is just scratching the surface.

Plan starts at: $10/month for 1 account

2. ViralTag

ViralTag is the perfect fit for someone who manages multiple Pinterest accounts and is on a budget. Being the very first tool I used for Pinterest, I continue to use it today because of how many Pinterest accounts I manage for clients (and for my other accounts).

ViralTag App

Features I love:

  • Post on multiple social media channels. Creating social media content centred around an image can be both powerful and also very shareable. With ViralTag, you can post to other accounts beyond Pinterest as well including Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook and instagram.
  • Bulk Scheduling. Same as Tailwind, you are able to schedule many pins at once whether through bulk upload or their Chrome extension.
  • Find Relevant Content. You can find images by categories or searching when you just can’t think of any new ideas! It happens.

Plan starts at: $29/month or $24/month if purchase annually (for multiple accounts). If you’re a blogger, you can try their Blogger plans which starts at $9/month.

II. Pin On the Go

3. Pinterest App

Everyone loves a good app. And Pinterest has an awesome mobile app both for iOS and Android devices that allows you to pin to your Pinterest board literally anytime, anywhere. You can also use the app for uploading your own personal images straight to your Pinterest boards. Feeling inspired? Waiting at the doctor’s office? Got a minute? You can use the app to get a little pinning in.

Price: Free!

4. Pinterest Extensions

Browser buttons or extensions are a must-have.

Whether you’re using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, there are browser buttons and extensions you can install to easily and quickly pin images from any website to your boards.

It makes it simple and convenient for when you find awesome content or products to pin them right away.

Price: Free

IV. Creating Pinnable and Stand-Out Images

5. Photoshop

As a graphic designer, I am best friends with Photoshop for all things visual. Whether I am creating pinnable graphics, infographics or board images, Photoshop is my go-to source.

Price: $10/month

6. Canva

For those who are not familiar with how to use Photoshop, this program is a great choice. it is also my top choice when I am feeling lazy! Canva has a Pinterest template with multiple starter designs and it is the perfect size and quality for pinning.


Price: Free

Great, alternative options:

  • PicMonkey: Like an online and light Photoshop, PicMonkey is an image editing tool to help you create just about any image with just about any feature. Whether you’re doing image creation or editing, it is an incredible resource. Also? You don’t ever have to sign up for an account to use it! It is free and plans start at $5/month if you’re looking for a little more.
  • Piktochart: This is an incredible tool for building infographics with layouts, charts, photos, etc. It comes with a library of icons, shapes and objects that you can use, as well as pre-made templates!

7. Pablo


Buffer creates awesome things and they’ve also created something called Pablo. Pablo is a tool that allows you to create images quickly and easily. They have pre-loaded images or texts or you can use your own. There is also an option to upload your logo to keep with some cohesive branding.

Price: Free

V. Collaborate and Promote Like Crazy

8. Pin Groupie

Pin Groupie

Group boards are a great way to create more visibility and exposure to your pins! PinGroupie helps you to see what group boards are the most popular; who have the most followers or pins or likes. Join up and happy pinning!

Price: Free

9. Pinterest Widgets

Pinterest itself also offers several tools to help integrate Pinterest with your website. There are five widgets to help you do exactly that including:

  • Pin It Button: allowing people to pin directly from your website
  • Follow Button: allowing people to follow you on Pinterest
  • Pin Widget: allowing you to embed pins on your website.
  • Profile Widget: displaying up to 30 of your latest pins on your site.
  • Board Widget: displaying up to 30 of your favorite board’s latest pins.

Price: Free

10. SumoMe (Bonus!)

Sumo Me

This is a great, clean plugin for major CMS. It makes it easy for your readers or users to pin images on your website. Using this and social media sharing buttons, you will dramatically increase your exposure. You want to make it as easy for people as possible to spread the word about you!


Whether you’re just getting started with Pinterest or you’re an established pinner, these nine tools will help you amplify your marketing efforts with Pinterest and you will see more traffic and customers because of it.

How do you use Pinterest for marketing? What tools do you love?

Share your story with us!

For tips on how I actually generate traffic from Pinterest, click here for Pinterest tips + strategies!

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