9 best pizza web designs for your inspiration

Pizza restaurant websites are wonderful places where you can find beautiful designs.

They know how to display their photos and integrate them within the design to make their entire site look more attractive.

In the past few decades, pizza restaurant has become an international brand. Below, you’ll see some of really creative web designs for pizza brands with interesting and worth-seeing photos.

They’re too good to have a description. Thus, let its images speak for themselves.

If you’re also planning to put up a site like this, you must take a look at how these sites are made.

While you’re still thinking of what toppings to add to your amazing pies, check out these really attractive pizza websites to get inspired. Include some of its elements to your own and add a little extra to make it more unique.

1. Otto Pizzeria


Otto’s use of a big image of pizza fits the entire concept of the site. It’s an excellent choice of showcasing the cuisine, from front to center. To drive hungrier customers, they’ve posted some of its amazing pizza shots. They also did a great job in using red as the dominant color. It’s a useful tactic to drive more customers to your door.

2. Pizza Pizza


This site uses red and orange as dominant colors. It also showcases its best images providing great impact to the overall design. But they didn’t make the textual content less important as they’re displayed on spaces intended for texts.

3. Pizzaiolo Gourmet Pizza


It’s not all the time that you see a pizza-related site to use green. But Pizzaiolo did a great job in utilizing said color to make the entire site attractive. Furthermore, the site provides a lot of information on its main page while it pays attention to the branding.

4. Dominos Pizza


The photographer of this site utilized the lights perfectly on the image and inserted the call-of-action button appropriately. The main page doesn’t have plenty of images. Instead, they focus on more content, which is actually good as the brand is already popular.

5. Pizza Hut


Just by looking at the images makes you want to go the nearest Pizza Hut station and order boxes of pizza. The site features a wide array of pizza and other delicious food items. It uses clever navigation allowing its customers to easily access the information they’re looking for from Pizza Hut. And the red color is just enough to make you feel hungry.

6. Boston Pizza


Boston Pizza knows how to properly display their products front and center in order to gather more audience to their site. The red-colored elements add the sense of greatness of their pizza. Plus, the soft touch in the background is so soothing to the eyes.

7. La Masa Mimatta


The elegant, rich design of the site compliments the philosophy of La Masa Mimatta. And that is to provide its customers great food with exceptional value. The wooden background makes the entire site more attractive and appetizing.

8. Lou Malnatis Pizzeria


In here, you’ll realize that photography plays a huge part in the overall design of a pizza restaurant site. The site use photos to their advantage by adding images of your favorite dishes. Its “Order Now” call-to-action is very visible.

9. Mellow Mushroom


A slideshow that features its current specials is a great thing as it gives its customers a sense of what are the special deals that they can grab when eating at this restaurant. It has prominent calls-to-action so you can easily make an order or enter to their raffle draw.

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