Designer: 10 Best Places To Build And Showcase Your Portfolio

Showcasing your portfolio is very important for the purpose of inviting new prospective clients and customers. As a web designer, you need to have a solid web page where you can display your work as a reference for your skills and expertise. Of course, you can have printed versions of your work. Nevertheless, online pages are still the most accessible place where people can see your portfolio.

There are many websites that you can choose to place your portfolio, but with the many choices present, it will be difficult to choose which of them will be the best option. You can use search engine but this isn’t the most effective way to find the right website as SERP is not comprehensive enough.

As you go through each item, you will see that advantages and disadvantages that come with them. So make sure to make a comparison before you make that final call.

1. Behance

There is no doubt that Behance is one of the biggest and widely-used portfolio websites on the Internet. Behance is difficult to beat as it has the highest rank in SERP visibility. There are many ways that you can design your page which gives you the maximum freedom on showcasing your projects. You can upload unlimited files and you can integrate your page with social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for maximum exposure of your projects.

2. Dribbble

That’s dribble with three letters “B”. Dribbble is much like Facebook but its members are mainly illustrators, designers, web developers, artists, and people with the same interests. Members can post screenshots of the project they’re working on and let other people say what they think about their job. Dribbble is very simple to use and manage.

3. DeviantArt

You might have already heard or seen this website as you browse for photos on the Internet. DeviantArt is the perfect place for you to display your projects especially if you specialize in fantasy art and 3D graphics. DeviantArt is free to use and you can even have your own URL so that you can create a personal space and unique identity. As this might be the case, you’re only limited with four galleries in which you can upload a maximum of 18 images. You can go premium to get more out of DeviantArt.

4. Viewbook

Viewbook started in 2009 and now it has thousands of members around the globe. You can easily integrate your Viewbook page with social networking sites. Viewbook is a responsive website which can be viewed in different devices, be it smartphones, tablets, and PC desktop.

5. Coroflot

Coroflot is an online platform that can be used to show-off your portfolio. You can add your works here for people to see. You can lead your potential customers to your Coroflot website and let the website do the talking for you.

6. Vimeo

I am sure that you already heard of Vimeo you are a designer that lives under a rock. Vimeo is the perfect choice for designers who are into videos and motion graphics. While there are other similar websites to Vimeo, nothing does it better than this Vimeo because of its simplicity and clarity. There are different file formats that Vimeo supports and you can upload a maximum of 500 MB per week.

7. Cargo Collective

Your portfolio will have special treatment in this website. The strength of Cargo Collective lies in its networking capabilities. Each user is enabled to build a network with other designers and potential customers as well. A word of advice though; you need to have professional and special skills to use Cargo Collective. In case you bump into some problems, you need to rely on other users to assist you.

8. Bleidu

Everyone who is interested with photo-editing can use Bleidu. If you want to use your portfolio as a means to get new clients, you can use Bleidu since it has many optional web pages such resume, HTML content, Portfolio galler, form builder, and others.

9. Flickr

When Flickr started, it was at the forefront photo-sharing websites. Sadly, there are many competitors that emerged and as time went on, Flickr was not able to retain its supremacy. Thankfully, it was salvaged by Yahoo!. When Yahoo! bought Flickr from its original owner, Flickr gained new hope to reestablish itself as part of the elite websites in the world today. With Yahoo! backing-up Flickr, it is no wonder that it instantly became popular again. Use Flickr as a means to showcase your portfolio and you will get the benefits made available by Yahoo! at the same time. In addition to this, Flickr is highly visible in SERP.

10. Wix

You do not need to be a computer geek or even have the technical knowledge of coding just to use Wix. The website is run by professional web designers and developers who assume all the coding jobs for your own convenience. Wix is search engine friendly and absolutely free of charge.

Build your portfolio and reap the benefits of these websites. Eventually, you will increase your market value and be the best in your field. Very soon, your clients will be flocking right at your doorsteps and seek your professional help.

Do you have other websites in mind that I did not mention? Or you have a comment that needs to be heard. Feel free to leave us a message and make sure your voice is heard.

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