11 awesome portfolio sites of toronto-based web designers

A web design portfolio site can be your window to flaunt you projects for the whole world to see.

It conveys what you’ve done to your audience letting your future clients know what you can and can’t do.

Keep in mind that most clients will scan your portfolio first before they decide whether to hire your or not.

Clients do evaluate portfolios of web designers before making the right decision. That said, how can you be sure that your site can stand out from the crowd? With the highly competitive industry, it’s not enough that you’ve excellent projects under your belt. You must display them.

But it must be done with professionalism in mind.

If you don’t have an idea yet on how to design your own portfolio, then let this collection of portfolio sites that tackle web design to give you inspiration.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already an existing site that needs a face lift or you’ll start from scratch. This collection can spark an idea on how to redesign yours.

1. KaitBos.com


The owner of this site knows how to put her name first. By placing her About section on top of the page, it allows her visitors to know what she can and can’t do. The home page is neat and simple. It displays her most important projects on the site. She didn’t just place them there. Instead, she wrote her story about her experiences while working on each project.

2. Jeffsarmiento.com


The overall color scheme works well to create warm experience to the audience. The color isn’t that vibrant but it conveys the designer’s different projects. His several projects are presented in an easy-to-follow page. The overall layout is great too.

3. Emmattweb.com


It has clear call to action so you’ll know that the company is ready and waiting for you to hire them. The site doesn’t have vibrant colors. Its simplicity gives you an idea that the company only builds websites that are straight to the point.

4. Intactmarketing.ca


It’s a simple yet beautiful way of displaying its projects. The inclusion of multiple images from its various projects will give you an idea on how excellent the company is in completing its web designs.

5. Evolveartistic.com


This site offers a beautiful way to explain the designers’ ability to make your website stand out. The overall design is straight to the point. It surely gives the artwork the spotlight so it shines brightly.

6. Avadesign.ca


It’s nice and simple. The simplicity of it makes the site easy to navigate. Its home page says it all: smart and effective web designing without unnecessary elements.

7. 4ormat.com


The designers of the site found the best way to keep its audience focus on the portfolio. It has some interesting images that highlight exactly what the company wants for your company’s site – simple yet elegant.

8. 3imagine.com


It has some different and unique ways to highlight the company’s previous work. This one surely stands out from the crowd, despite its simplicity.

9. Asktodesign.com


It’s a pretty website. This one includes interesting moving parts with a nice color scheme. The hover effects are done tastefully.

10. Tonygeer.com


It has very nice layout making it easier to read. The owner really knows how to highlight his projects nicely.

11. Leoburnett.ca


This one only features the designer’s best projects. The designer really knows that every piece of project isn’t worthy to be included.

Some of the best designs here utilize grey. It’s because grey is “in.” The majority of the sites these days are using this color to highlight projects.

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