Want to be taken as a serious PR company? Brand Glow Up applies proven web design and branding strategies to grow your company in Toronto and beyond.

In this day and age when everyone’s in the cloud, socializing, sharing and getting information, and whatnot, an online presence is not just important but necessary. And for an image company like yourself, nothing can be truer!

Websites and branding assets done to a tee communicates one thing for your PR business…credibility.

While business collateral and websites can be whipped up in minutes on your own or by amateurs, such will do more damage than good on your end. After all, a professional website that engages, works seamlessly across devices, and just overall leaves visitors with a positive experience is a foretaste of the level of service you can give to prospective clients.

Why Choose Us?

  • Results-oriented. A good impression in the digital world affects people the same way that face-to-face interaction does. Professional, cohesive, and pleasant. That’s how we craft websites and branding collateral. We also help you max your ROI with pioneer solutions that take advantage of available technology, current SEO requirements, and recent findings on marketing trends and behaviour.
  • Every PR agency is different, from the type of PR work they do to the business stage they’re in, their needs, and their working budget. At Brand Glow Up, we take the time to know you to create a website and branding strategy that works for your company.
  • A full suite of digital solutions. Aside from reliable branding gurus, web designers and developers, we also have brilliant copywriters and graphic artists so you can conveniently and confidently have all these done in one house.

Get the digital aspect of your business done right with us and see your client base grow.