10 Spectacular Pricing Tables For Inspiration

Pricing tables are important elements of your website, if you’re offering products and services. Putting them all together can be a real challenge because you need to look into your design and the tables’ usability. You need to make sure that they are simple but can clearly present the different features and prices of different products/services.

With a well-designed pricing table, your users can find the most appropriate plan for them. Therefore, it’s important that you examine carefully your products/services and find the most important features that must be present along with the pricing plans. You only need to give them the most important information that your visitors are interested in such as options, features and costs. Don’t be tempted to include unnecessary details in your pricing table as it could mean losing a potential client.

If you’re not sure how you’re going to design your own pricing table, here’s a list of examples that you can look into.

1. Stickplan

It’s a company that designs and builds powerful yet simple sitemaps. In here, the table communicates to the users with enough information, not too much but not too little. With sufficient information, it’ll be easier for the users to absorb all information that they need to make a decision.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox has plenty of features to its users. However, it didn’t bother presenting them all in a lengthy pricing table. It didn’t go into detail to differentiate various plans. As a result, it’ll be easier to remember what Free, Pro and Business plans are.

3. Shopify

It’s very short but concise. The table is also visually appealing. It uses beautiful color combination to attract its users. It avoided unnecessary field. Simply put, this pricing table isn’t just informative but it’s also beautiful.

4. Plans & Pricing by Matt Bango

This is also a good example of how a pricing table can be concise yet it can provide all the information the visitors need to help them decide. If your visitors go to your site, you don’t need to explain to them what each product does. Instead, you’ll give them information that they’re looking for.

5. Jotform

If you want your table to be colorful, then you can follow what the designer of this table did. The colors are balanced. Plus, your visitors will have a good understanding of the differences between different products/services. The choice of color fits the overall design of the table.

6. Ballpark

The design is simple yet it communicates the differences of the plans. The color used doesn’t distract the visitors. It’s very effective and user-friendly.

7. Wufoo

In here, you can clearly see the price of each plan. Keep in mind that it’s the first thing that your users will see if they visit your site. The font size used for the prices and the colors are amazing. They’re visually attractive.

8. Business On Click

The designer of this table knows that most users scan sites in an F-shape. Hence, the cheapest offer was placed on the left side. It’ll be the first thing that the users see. You should also consider this – let your users see the most attractive plan you can offer them first.

9. Get Satisfaction

This pricing table doesn’t use vibrant visuals. The information is provided effectively without the visual noise. The Contact Us buttons don’t distract the eye. Rather, they call for an action, i.e. if you want users to dig deeper into your products/services, they can easily push those buttons. The choice of font style is also appropriate.

10. Media Temple

It uses images to show the details of each plan. The images are extremely useful in differentiating what each plan has. They clearly illustrate the differences of the plans.

In designing a pricing table, you need to be consistent with the overall design of the site. These examples utilized background colors that can separate different plans. They used sections that can definitely draw attention. Plus, the font sizes, colors and styles make the pricing easy to understand.

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