how-to: private message someone on google plus

To ‘PM’ someone (or private message) is always a vital feature in any social networking and communication tool such as Google+. You may have something important to say to a particular person, and you don’t want to share that story to the circle to where this person belongs. You don’t want to mention his/her name on a post you’ll make, especially when the sensitive information is not to be read by the public. Sending a PM, then, is a skill you should not miss in using Google+.

There’re some methods that you should try, and from there you decide what works best for you.

Method #1:

  1. View someone’s profile and click the “message” little icon. Here’s an example:

Method #2: (If the msg icon is unavailable)

If the message icon is not available, you can use the sharing feature:

  1. Go back to your homepage
  2. Add your message on the sharebox and mention the name of the person you want to send your message to. Here’s an example of me sending a private message to Matt Cutts. Important: make sure you remove the “public” to make sure it’s only visible to the person you’re posting a message to. It should look like this:

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