How To Protect Your Privacy In Facebook Photos And Videos

There are vulnerabilities and potential loop-holes in Facebook, and hence it is important to protect your shared photos and videos, as they are in public domain. Here are some tips and subtle points to keep in mind before you share any photo/video on Facebook:

  1. Though tagging can be fun, it can turn out to be a potential turn-off, especially if your pal tags you in a rather embarrassing or crazy pic. To have more control over who can tag you, go to your Account then Privacy settings. Click on Edit Settings beside Timeline and Tagging. See screenshot below:
    timeline and tagging
  2. In “Who can see posts you’ve been tagged in on your timeline?” part (4th option), you can tweak it by selecting “Friends only”, which means only your friends would be able to see your tagged pictures. If you choose, “Friends of Friends”, people who are friends with your friends would be able to see your tagged pictures. The graph can be canonically large, if you have a long friend list. You may also choose “custom” and select “Only Me” if you don’t want everyone to see your tagged photos and videos. timeline and tagging
  3. You can also review the post tags before they appear on your Timeline profile. To turn this feature on, toggle the 3rd option, which is the “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline” part. Please note that rejecting a photo tag won’t remove the photo from the Facebook servers. Rejecting a tag just infers that you are not associated with the picture. timeline review tags

NOTE: In case you want to take down some photo, you would have to mark it as spam by clicking on the Report/Mark as Spam option shown below. If your request is found authentic, Facebook would remove the photo within 24-48 hours.

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