10 Best Purple Website Designs For Inspiration

In any field of designing and the arts, color plays an important role, especially when it comes to harmony, visual appeal, and the theme of the website or blog. Choosing the right color is also relevant to what kind of website you would like to market and to what audience you would like to market it to, so you better choose carefully with your color schemes and combinations. In this article, we give you 10 of the greatest website designs with purple themes.

List of the 10 best purple web designs

Without further do, here is the list of the best web designs for you:

1. Bitsens

Here is a technologic and more corporate purple web design for your inspiration. The typefaces are neat and the graphics are well-done and professional.

2. Kyle Spaulding

Here is a nice purple website inspiration for portfolios. It has a flourish and artsy design and feel to it, despite the fact that it does not use HTML5 effects.

3. Lukas Strnadel

Here is another portfolio website for inspiration on purple themes. The background is quite simple but cute.

4. Newism

This is a website that helps agencies and brands with their promotion online and with regards to businesses. The design is quite modern.

5. Themify

Here is a neat website with a space/stars background that offers WordPress themes and services.

6. Passlocker

This is a nice and modern website for the promotion of a mobile app that is available for Apple products.

7. Icondock

This is a website that not only has a neat purple design to it, but also awesome icons you can use for projects and such.

8. Arun’s Folio

This is a nice purple portfolio website that uses neat HTML5 effects and the list of works below.

9. Kaiser Interactive Creative Studio

This is an awesome website when it comes to graphic designs, effects, concept and such. It, however, may take some time to load content due to its dynamic content.

10. Alfred App

This is a promotion website about a file-searching mobile app. It has a neat purple design as well.

If you are lacking ideas when it comes to purple web designs, then check out these ones we have prepared for you, to boost your creativity and make progress in your work or field.

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