Putting The Hidden Posts On Your Facebook Back On Sight

Facebook is among the leading social sites that provide really well in terms to convenience, friendliness, and security. In this regard, the platform is constantly revising its own security systems to keep phishing scams and other spammy contents out of the people’s way. Thereunto, Facebook integrated a smart filtering system for users not to be bothered by these misleading contents.

Together with this, Facebook also adds the additional functionality of making its users ‘cooperate’ through several links or menu options that they can access on each and every post and even on every message you could encounter on the platform. If you encountered one which you suspected to be harassing or misleading, simply clicking the faded down-arrow button will give you options from hiding them or to reporting them.

How to View Hidden Posts on Facebook

It’s perfectly understandable if you accidentally marked a post or message as spam or hidden, or worse, if you excluded a page/person/app from the live feed appearing on your home page. Undoing these is pretty simple, and in the slightest way:

  1. Unless your page or feed has been refreshed, you can actually go back to that specific location of the post and simply click the link ‘unhide’ right next to the statement (‘This story is now hidden from your News Feed.’). Within that same location, you are also given some more options regarding the appearance of stories on your feed.
  2. The story should be back in its original appearance with all the associated comments and likes it has. If it did not, then you should report it to the Facebook help center.

If you already refreshed the page and cannot anymore locate the post, and if you luckily still remember the sender and the particular item posted:

  1. Simply search the person/app/page on the search area found at the topmost area of the page.
  2. The particular post must be appearing still on the wall of the person/app/page unless it has been deleted by the author of the post. You may wonder why it would still appear, but the main reason is that, hiding a post on your feed is only effective on your feed, and hence, not universally applied. If you want the universal effect of an action, you may want to report it, or delete it if the post is authored by you.

If you marked a person, app, or page as hidden from your feed:

  1. Go to the home page.
  2. On the left panel, right to the left of the News Feed tab, hovering over the area will make the pencil button appear. Click the pencil.
  3. Click ‘Edit Settings.’ A pop-up window should appear.
  4. You’ll be given a real-time list of people, apps, or pages that you have marked as hidden. To the far right of each of them, simply click the ‘x’ button to make their updates available again on your feed.
  5. Refresh the page and observe if you can already see their updates or posts.

If your concern is only in reference to the post you made yourself, you can actually use the ‘activity log’ to take control of your hidden posts. To do so:

  1. On the topmost right area of your page, click the ‘Privacy Shortcuts’ icon (it looks like a lock with three horizontal lines beside it). It should give you a drop-down menu.
  2. Click the item ‘Who Can See My Stuff?’ and locate the link ‘use the activity log.’ This will open another page.
  3. To the left panel of the page, simply click ‘Posts You’ve Hidden’, and it will show you all the posts you’ve hidden on a monthly basis.
  4. On the top right of the post you’ve identified, click the ‘no-entry’ icon and mark the post as ‘Allowed on Timeline’ if not ‘Highlighted on Timeline.’

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