R4r On Instagram: What Does It Really Mean?

There has been a lot of speculation among new Instagram users on what “r4r” actually means. Some say it’s “response for response”. Others claim it means “referral for referral”. There are even a few saying that this simple code means “reason for reason”.

What Does R4R Really Mean on Instagram?

Sometimes you’ll find posts by others with the code “R4R” or “r4r”. There are also those that come in the hashtag format “#r4r”. It actually stands for “recent for recent”, meaning that a particular picture was recently liked or voted up and the same is done to the other party to return the favor.

How Do Instagram Users Benefit from R4R?

This is one way of building relationships with your connections on Instagram. You vote for or like one another’s recent images as a sign of support and unity.

Although it’s a great way to connect with people and to develop positive relationships, some tend to overuse or misuse this code. This is why it is often misconstrued as spam content even when the user did not intend for it to be that way.

For instance, there are fans or followers that would put this in their comments in order to somehow bribe the one who posted the image to also comment on or like theirs.

You should therefore be careful in using R2R on Instagram or you might end up losing friends and supporters instead of adding more.

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