4 Tips On How To Create Read-Worthy Articles

Ever wondered if there are people out there that actually find your articles interesting?

If so, then you just might have the gift of writing.

However, if you’d like to know what makes a great piece of writing read this write-up and improve your articles.

Writing can be a very fulfilling task, especially if after working so hard, you find a remarkable article that people will actually want to read.

Exerting more effort to make your pieces more interesting for your readers is great attitude towards writing.

Through a well-written article, you can reach out to people and make a contribution to the world with the words you write.

Here are some great ways to guarantee an interesting write-up.

1. Appealing Title

I can’t express enough the importance of selecting great titles for your readers. The title of your piece is the very first thing that people will see even without opening your write-up.

For instance, you use a very ordinary title like “How to Lose Weight Fast” and this appears next to another article of the same context but with the title “Get That Sexy Figure in 7 Days!” You’d be surprised at how many people will click on the second title even if both articles have the same topic and probably contain the same tips for weight loss.

Article titles play a big role in the success of a write-up getting opened and read. It will be the one to call attention to your piece.

2. Attention-Grabbing Introduction

The very next thing that people will do after looking at your title is to read the first paragraph of your writing. If in the first two sentences, you have caught your readers’ attention, then you might just have a chance to have an interesting article.

However, if your readers get bored right away, then they might not continue reading your article.

How can you prevent this?

Well, there are many ways to create a good introduction, for instance, using a question addressed to the readers, or perhaps you can use an anecdote or a personal experience that you would like to share. The point is that you have to keep your readers enthralled in the first paragraph so that they will continue reading and finish your article.

3. Structure and Composition

Don’t use words that some people may not understand. Instead, choose simple yet interesting terms for your article. For instance, why would you choose to use the word “confabulate” when you can just say “chat”? Write “circle” instead of “orb”. It’s really a wrong notion to think that if you fill your article with words that people rarely use, it can make your piece of writing more interesting.

You should also avoid making a sentence longer by adding extra words that are not really necessary to complete the thought of your sentence. It is better to write using short sentences and placed in short paragraphs that people can read easily.

If you have many points that you’d like to discuss in your article, make sure that you organize these in a manner that will build the interest in your readers. For instance, start with minor points and end with the major ones as in the case of Top 10’s and 5 Worst’s.

4. Make Your Articles Informative

People will always want to read any article that offers them useful information. So make sure that you have something to offer in your piece. For instance, write about how to do stuff or share information about a new experience that you’ve had and would like other people to try.

Finally, with so many articles out there, the one you wrote can easily get lost and may not even be read by a single person. This is the case for articles that have been written half-heartedly and have nothing to offer the readers. With a little more effort and passion, you can create articles that people will love to read.

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