25 Real Estate Content Ideas

Are you running out of content ideas for your real estate business page? Worry no more! Brand Glow Up rounded up 25 of the best real estate content ideas that you can get inspiration from and recreate for a more engaging and optimized page. This will give you more time to generate leads and convert these to actual sales instead.

As a small real estate agent or business, you wear different hats to ensure that you get to do the important things. These are customer relations, sales, social media and website management, and other admin tasks. With this in mind, it’s definitely easy to lose control of things and be overwhelmed. Also with the high-ticket investment real estate is, it’s always best to ensure that your reputation online and offline is at its best.

25 Real Estate Content Ideas

1. Your Story

Start with introducing yourself as a real estate agent. You can even tell your audience about your real estate business story. As much as generating sales are important, investments such as real estate require not only good salesmanship but also credibility.

2. New Listings

Of course, what follows next is the bread and butter of a real estate agent or business: New Listings. Sure, you can post photos of new houses or lots up for sale. This will allow you to showcase your catalogue online. Photo used must be a great shot as first impressions always last!

3. Real Estate Tips and Tricks

In the real estate industry, there are several tips and tricks that you can share with your potential clients. These can be options regarding the financing of their purchase or even tricks on making the most out of their purchase.

4. Amenities and Facilities

Besides the home, people love to see what a community has to offer. Be it exclusivity and security through the community gates, or even clubhouse with pools and parks for kids to play in or adults to exercise.

5. Local Businesses and Establishments

Another real estate content ideas are to bank on local businesses and establishments. Like amenities and facilities, convenience is as important in making a real estate property appealing. Is it near a grocery, shopping complex, or even a business district? These are a few of the many points that are important to the audience as well.

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6. Events in the Community

Next are events in the community. You can take advantage of the events held within the community and other current events nearby. This can also show activity and make your real estate listing more relevant. Besides, this is a moment marketing. You get to ride the tide and reach more people with a specific interest – be it about pets, arts, or more.

7. Neighbourhood Tour

Facebook and Instagram, or even Youtube, are all platforms that you can utilize to share videos. Grab this chance and capture the beauty of the neighbourhood through moving pictures. You can also hire professionals to take these videos and explore the place.

8. House Tour

Of course, a house tour is also one of the best real estate content ideas that you can explore. This is a great supplementary from the new listing posts. Further, this will be more interactive and you can also show how the place looks like – rooms, garden, or carport.

9.Day in the Community

If the community has few residents already, you can ask for their permission to capture moments of their families. You can capture children playing, families having lunch, sons walking the dog, and more. This will add a human touch not only to your feed but also, to the brand. It’s best to show happy photos to inspire a positive outlook on the property.

10. Client Testimonials

You can also get in touch with your previous clients and encourage them to give a few words about your service and the property they invested in. Let people know about what you can do and how devoted you are to help your clients.

11. Polls

Interactive posts are great social media content. These will encourage your audience to interact with you without thinking too much about it. Through these small interactions, you are making them comfortable with you. You can even ask for what places they’ll like to live in, or what content they would want to see more.

12. Free Resources

write blog posts

Of course, free stuff works! You can share free real estate resources for aspiring real estate agents or consultations with potential clients. This will show dedication to serve and build your credibility as an authority in the industry as well.

13. Community Service

Community Service is also a great real estate content idea you can work with. This will show what the community contributes. Further, this also reflects your brand’s core values and what you commit to.

14. Industry Highlights

Stay updated on the current trends in the industry. You can also use statistics and numbers to show how competitive you are compared to other players. Also, this will help you justify pricing and show your customers value in what you offer.

15. Frequently Asked Questions

You can answer the frequently asked questions too! These also add more value to your listing, making it more compelling and tap into what your audience needs to hear from you – that you got everything they think they need and beyond.

16. Personal Posts or Day as a Real Estate Agent

Don’t be shy and show a bit of yourself. Through this, you introduce yourself to the potential clients and eventually builds rapport with them, making you a step closer to their hearts and mind. You also build brand retention.

17. Closing Posts

Closed a sale? Create content! This is a no-brainer content idea similar to client testimonials. You can document this and show how you hustle and increase interest in your brand or business.

18. Holiday Messages and Announcements

Get personal and greet your audience with a happy holiday. You can create real estate content using these holidays and get a personal or heartfelt message written just for them. This shows that you care.

19. Open House

If you’re holding an Open House, post an invite too! Definitely inclusive, you are making your audience feel as though they’re important and also, seeing it with their own eyes makes a difference.

20. DIY Tips

DIY Home

Through these, you can also build your credibility as someone they can rely on and ensure that you get to build a reputation as the go-to person in the industry. Share DIY tips and encourage them to not only improve their homes but also see the importance of a property.

21. Interior Design Inspirations

Besides DIYs, you can also share interior design inspirations for real estate content ideas. These often get a bunch of saves that the audience can check or go back to later. This will also encourage them to improve their home and eventually, improve their lives as a whole.

22. Giveways or Competitions

Increase reach by creating a giveaway or any competition online that people can participate in. You can custom the mechanics to increase your followers and generate more interest in the business. Make sure to have a compelling prize though!

23. Meme or Pop Culture References

A good meme or pop culture reference post can help you show a bit more personality. This can help you reach more people by taking advantage of trends and cult followings. Also, a humour post is a good way to establish rapport as well.

24.Glossary of Real Estate Terms

linkedin social media strategy

As an authority in the industry, you can take the liberty and share a glossary of real estate terms. You can just put these into a more easy-to-understand explanation. This can help more people understand the lingo and encourage them to discourse.

25. Celebrate Milestones

Share your milestone with your audience – be it about winning an award, or completing training or a course. These are all good ideas that you can post and help boost your reputation in the industry.


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