30 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Earning

There you are ready with your blog, and after a few months of waiting, nothing happens. You have a product but it sells once or twice a month. You have visitors but they just bounce off.

You have a good database of content but there’s no page view count. Now you wanted to shout your lungs out.

I strongly believe that you had set your blog in the most proper way, i.e., at least you followed the rules and recommendations. Now, the question is, do you really know these rules and recommendations?

Because if you really do, then your blog should be working, and you should be earning some good money out of it. Where could it be wrong?

Today I have listed some of the most common mistakes bloggers fall into, turning their blogs as simply space-wasters and hence not earning a cent. I hope you could realize something that you can do better if you really decide to earn some bucks, but be careful though as not to feel guilty; it’s all part of the blogging game.

1. Your blog isn’t rooted on a bigger goal or purpose.

You don’t even have anything in specific to offer? No product, service, tutorial, or whatsoever? Then why is your blog even there?

2. You didn’t have a great plan during start-up.

You only thought that it would be a great idea. Then you launched your blog prematurely. You spent for a three-year contract for your domain listing. However, you do not know how to use all your tools to the full.

3. You were not prepared.

You only had twenty articles to start your blog and talk about your product, and then you stopped. What then is exciting about your blog now?

4. You just don’t like it.

You have a blog with a niche, but the question is, do you even like your niche at first? Do you even think of blogging as fun? If not, it is apparent in how you do your blog until the end.

5. Your product is still an idea, a plan, or a theory.

It is not yet ready, and you are still harvesting opinions about it. Now you are expecting to earn?

6. Your product or service is expensive.

At least you try to prove that it’s worth the price. If it’s really expensive, at least offer a good discount, start a promo or contest, and even offer free trials.

7. You are not careful.

Have you pondered if you put the best photo on your profile? Did you check for some typographical and grammatical errors? Have you said or mentioned anything that would have hurt anyone?

8. You are too proud.

Your blog is terrific, and the design is good. Your grammar is stellar. Now you don’t want to hear comments. Corrections thrown are you are but a waste of time to you. How can you progress?

9. You are too confident.

You have a very strong product and a strong reason to believe it will bring you millions, but you just leave your product on its desk for people to pass by. Why don’t you market it?

10. You are resistant.

A bright idea comes by your door, or someone asks if he could use your product to help his, but you refused. Now opportunities say ‘bye-bye.’

11. You are too lazy.

Here comes a thought or an instruction that guarantees you that it will bring more traffic to you, but you prefer playing games or spending too much time doing Facebook. Should you expect any progress?

12. You are not responsive.

Somebody asks you a question, or somebody put a comment to you that you may or may not like to hear, but you are still focused with the design of your blog. I wouldn’t stay if I didn’t feel valued.

13. You only respond to your fans or followers.

Got a Facebook or Twitter page? Then start interacting even to strangers!

14. You value quantity over quality.

Have you been uploading content to your blog for the sake of number, so that there’ll be ‘more resources’ for your visitors? They may get their answers, but they might not come back.

15. You have not yet been a guest writer.

Have you tried it? Try it by posting content to other blogs with good ranks, and the results will turn back good on you.

16. You stopped discovering.

Aside from listening to news and updates about what you are into (niche), you should also discover new tools and features that will boost your performance together with your blog: yes, there’re always fresh ideas.

17. You make your blog a trial-and-error thing.

Your blog is the final of it, so don’t waste your time and your visitors’ time by looking at things under trial or prone to mistakes. If you want to try something, you might want to consult the experts or even your crowd, and be sure that it will not pull your visitors count dramatically.

18. You are inconsistent.

Sometimes you post only one article a day, and sometimes 20, and then none. You are selling a product, and then you changed your mind; you wanted to sell something else. You have a great-looking blog, but you are not satisfied, so you do designs like once a week.

19. You are a loner.

You did not join communities or groups related to your chosen niche, and you still do not. To make your initial content worth spreading about, you must at least have a ‘base audience’ that will help you spread the content you have.

20. You hate your competitors.

Until the last day of your blog, your competitors will always be there. Think of them as healthy channels of marketing your service or product more, rather than worrying if they will steal your fan base. Deal with them, interact with them, and learn from them!

21. You’re barking at the wrong tree.

You have a terrific blog and you are selling adult diapers, but your site looks like it fits more for the toddlers! Besides, you might also want to check if you are dealing with the right audience, and if the groups you are a member of are relevant to your niche.

22. Your blog looks awful.

If you can’t do a proper and pleasing design, ask somebody else to do it, or use some free themes you can always get online.

23. Your blog is crowded.

Have you been trying to top your blog up with a lot of content from advertisements on the right side and a long sidebar containing all articles you have ever written? Are your articles too long with each paragraph containing more than ten sentences? Trim down the bush, my friend.

24. Your site is just a failure.

Don’t make your visitors wait for more three minutes for your site to fully load. Are there any bugs? Ask an expert about it.

25. Confusing and misleading call-to-action.

You are expecting people to sign-up to your newsletters, or you are expecting them to buy something from you, but they do not know where to find it. Sometimes, clicking a thing may even lead to something else.

26. You don’t show credibility.

There’s not a profile of you showcasing how good you are, nor there is even a photo of you. You want to expect payments made within your site, but there’s not a PayPal, a money-back guarantee, or anything to feel safe with. Are they really dealing with a human person, or a machine-generated fraud?

27. You copy content and ideas.

Does your blog together with your content all look and hear original? Being inspired is different from being copied.

28. You don’t give any reason for them to come back.

Once they bought your product or subscribed to your list of members, what’s next? What can you promise? Do you have support? A technical knowledgebase? Tutorials? Tips? Updates?

29. The network of elements on your blog do not talk to each other.

You have a lot of images on your blog, together with hundreds of content, videos, and other stuff. Do they all make your visitors feel valued? Are they persuaded directly or indirectly to purchase your product or bite to your offer? Do each of your articles make people aware how good your product is?

30. You are SPAM itself.

Maybe you have pushed too much newsletters on your members, or you have posted too many content on your blog. You repeated too many of the same keywords on each of every article you have, and everything there looks more generic and artificial than natural. I mean, do you talk too much when you sell?

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