how-to: redirecting a page on tumblr

When using Tumblr, you can redirect a page on a specific tag or topic within your blog such as Travel, Food or Fashion. You also have the option to link the page to an external website. This tutorial will teach you how to easily accomplish that.

On a Post with a Specific Tag:

  1. Press the settings or gear icon found at the top right portion of your Dashboard.
  2. Select the blog that you will update on the left portion of the page by clicking it.
  3. Under Theme section, press Customize.
  4. Press Pages then click Add a Page.
  5. Input a page url after the slash.
  6. Modify the page type by selecting Redirect instead of Standard Layout.
  7. Input the tag filter link where the page will be redirected.
  8. Tick the checkbox for Shows a link to this page. Input the title beside the checkbox.
  9. Press Create a Page.

On an External Website

  1. On top of your Dashboard, click the settings or gear icon.
  2. On the left portion of the page, choose the blog you wish to update.
  3. Press Customize in the Theme portion.
  4. Click Pages then Add a Page.
  5. Input the Page Url after the slash.
  6. From Standard Layout, modify the page type to Redirect Page.
  7. Input the page address where the page will be redirected.
  8. Look for the checkbox indicating Show a link to the page and put a check on it.
  9. Give the Page title and input it beside the checkbox.
  10. Press Create a Page.

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