8 Cool Content Idea for Reels

The trend for short video content has risen in the last couple of years. Instagram is generally one of the social media platforms to implement the shift from long-form video content and aesthetic visuals. They built their foundation in having captivating short-form videos that communicate value depending on the content bucket assigned by the brand. With this in mind, standing out through the use of reels can help benefit your business. Here are a couple of cool content idea for reels that you can explore.

8 Cool Content Idea for Reels

1. A day in the life of [your niche]

content idea for reels

Overthinking how a reel should be now is a common theme for social media marketers but one thing to look at is how we now celebrate authenticity and naturalness. Even behind brands, people now understood that the brands are more than their products and reputation — people matter. Especially for professionals who focus on coaching services, giving a glimpse of your day can help more people resonate with you. Through good and bad, we are all human and that’s lovely. Add a bit of your personality to whatever you do. You can share what you’re reading, where you’re headed, or just what you’re up to.

2. Behind-The-Scenes of your line of work

Quite similar to the previous idea but a bit different, Behind-The-Scenes can include what preparation you do for a specific project. These may include setting up equipment, planning, shopping (for items needed), and others. You can also craft a before and after reel where they can see how much work you put on something. Furthermore, commitment and passion for the craft will shine through best in these kinds of content. If you’re collaborating with people, you can also let them have screen time.

3. Success Stories

success stories reel idea

Building relationships with the audience and clients is important. You can do so by preparing content that resonates with them best through elaborating on various pain points they may experiencing and how you can help them lead a better life they could have with your help. Take previous clients for example and encourage them to be your proud advocates. They can share a story about how your business has touched their lives. Moreover, this can actually solidify your brand story and relationships with your audience.

4. The #1 mistake [your niche] makes

Interestingly, discussing mistakes can actually help inspire others to be better and not take the same bumpy ride as you. You can share your personal and business experiences that your audience can learn from. At the same time, this helps you establish your credibility. As a brand with set core values, you can also explore how to help more people have a better life and maximize opportunities. With this in mind, you then encourage others to take risks and grow further through rain and storms.

5. “I wish I knew…” stories

i wish i new reel

More than work, you can share life lessons on what things you wish you knew when you are younger. This can be narrated in a way of missed opportunities to learn skills or not jumping into a new thing. Since we’re wiser now, these stories can hold the power to encourage others to keep pushing forward. Furthermore, it also adds dimension to your personality. It’s also a good reminder that what we most regret about life is the chances we weren’t able to take on.

6.  3 Myths about [niche/topic]

Another content idea for reels is talking about myths about your niche. You can collate several unpopular opinions and beliefs about your niche that you will be more than happy to debunk. This can establish yourself as someone reputable in a certain field and also provide clarity for others outside. Moreover, this can encourage trust more and remove the fear from their end of not knowing. Ignorance can be blissful at times but in the end, knowing can bring to light new opportunities and nudge you to grow further.

7. Quick Tips/Tutorials

tips and tutorials reel

With a few seconds in a reel, you can maximize this by doing quick tips and tutorials. This is often popular for graphic artists who give a life hack that people can apply to their daily lives. Be it using key shortcuts or explaining how a tool works, this generates more engagement on social media platforms. Not only that, but this also establishes you as a trusted resource person they can always go back to in the industry.

8. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Through stories, you can collect questions and answer them through reels. A video can be dedicated to one question and you can quickly but elaborately explain a topic or answer the question. This can help your audience understand more what you bring to the table and also encourage them to engage with you as someone they can trust to know best. You can schedule a weekly Ask Me Anything so they can regularly drop by and learn something of value from your page.


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