How To Remove Pages From Your Liked List On Facebook

The basic theme of creating those pages is to have a goal. To show what you have in store for the users and if those pass through their criteria, you will get a like. So basically a user likes the pages that they think as interesting and later on are able to follow up with it.

However, there are some cases where you like a page knowingly or accidentally and later on come to know that the content is not something to be liked. Their posts are ruining your homepage and for that reason you need to make them out of your way.

Sometimes the pages contain some things that may be hurting a community or it may turn racist. The content may hurt your feelings racially or they may offend your religious beliefs or harass you. If these are the case, then you should unlike the page as well as report it to the authority. For this, you need to unlike them.

How to Unlike a Facebook Fan Page

  1. Go to the fan page you want to UNLIKE.
  2. Once you are at the page, click on the Settings button that you will find beside liked and message tab, just below the timeline cover photo. Choose ‘Unlike’ option from the menu.
    Unliking a page on facebook
  3. You have now un-liked the page and it will not appear in your timeline anymore and will also not be notified about posts from this page or any other feeds that they post.

Another Method:

if you’re not sure where to view that page, try this method.

  1. View your Timeline instead where your activities and own posts are seen.
  2. Scroll down a bit and you will see a box that is labeled as Likes. Click on the box and it will show all the pages that you have liked by far. Search all the likes and find the page that you want to unlike for now.
  3. Click “LIKED” button and click “Unlike” option from the drop down menu. And you’re done! unlike a facebook fan page method 2

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