Reporting A Conversation On Facebook

If you are receiving messages that you find harassing, abusive or suspicious on Facebook, combat it the best way by reporting the message on Facebook. Learn how to report a conversation through this simple tutorial.


  1. Click Messages found at the left tab of your homepage to access your inbox.
  2. FBMessages

  3. Select the you want to report.
  4. Choose Actions.
  5. FBActions

  6. Select Report Spam or Abuse from the dropwdown menu.
  7. FBReports

  8. Choose Report conversation participant(s) from threatening me.
  9. Press Okay.
  10. FBReportCovers

  11. The name of the sender will appear. Click the circle with line icon.
  12. FBReportIcon

  13. Mark the conversation as Harassing or threatening me.
  14. Press Continue.
  15. FBContinue

  16. You have the option to Block the person or Get help from someone you trust. When you block someone, you and the person can no longer see each otheror connect on Facebook. Meanwhile, when you choose to get help from someone on Facebook, you will be able to send the conversation to a friend, parent, teacher or other authority figure.
  17. FBBlockP

  18. Choose Report to Facebook.
  19. FBChooseReport

Things you need to know:

  1. If you are receiving harassing message from a Facebook contact, remove them as friend and report the message.
  2. When you report a message, the sender will automatically be included in your Block list.
  3. The sender will not be informed about the report as it is confidential.
  4. The social network will conduct an investigation regarding the message to determine whether they should remove the message or content on Facebook. This will be based on Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

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