how-to: report stolen content that ranks higher than the original

Google Scraper Report is a new feature for webmasters who are being outranked by their own content.

Yes, you read that right..

It’s quite a frustrating situation to be in when some other websites use your content as their own and even get higher rank on Google search than your website. These are known as scraper sites.

For many years, scraper sites had been a great pain for many webmasters. Think about this; you create a new content, post it in your website, then someone comes along, grab your content, and post it in their website.

While it’s true that the website where the content originated should be awarded higher search rank, scraper sites have their own ways to cunningly outsmart honest citizens of the Internet. These stealers can use spam methods to increase its search rankings to the point that the duplicate web page outranks the original web publisher. Worse thing that can happen is that the original publisher’s web page will eventually be buried down the search engine return page, leading to the phony website to rise above the competition.

HOW-TO: Using Google Scraper Report Form

Google Scraper Report Tool: Alert Google About Your Stolen Content

Through this form, content creators who have any complaint against a scraper website that outranks you can now ask Google’s help to correct the situation. The scraper report will require you to fill in some specific information. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the form: click here for the Scraper Report form.
  2. Enter the exact URL of the original content (your site’s page)
  3. Add the exact URL of the scraped content (the stealer’s page)
  4. Add the Google search result URL that demonstrate the problem.

Before submitting your form, you must be aware of Google’s terms of service so if any legal issues may arise, Google can properly handle the problem.

With the new move of Google, some speculate that scraper sites are causing more headaches now compared to what it usually causes in the past. While this can be true, there are other underlying problems that might contribute to the problem.

One good reason can be that scraper sites are growing in number. Because of its number is proliferating, it’s now beginning to clutter the search engine’s algorithm and influence its ranking ability. So this reporting form is a good news for honest and hardworking content creators. Hopefully, Google can handle this tool properly and I really hope it will work the way it should be!

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