How To Repost Instagram Photos Using Apps

Ever wonder how to quickly re-post photos? Besides taking a screenshot, cropping and uploading? Re-share photos of your Instagram friends easily by downloading one of these apps:

1. Instarepost (For Android & Apple Users)

Available for both Android and Apple users. You’ll need to enter your Instagram’s login info in order to re-post or share photos from your news feed. Here’s how it looks like:

Insta Repost App for Android and Apple users

See the “Repost” button? After giving them an authorization to access your Instagram account, you should be able to re-upload any Instagram photos.

Instarepost is a pretty neat app actually; it has so many sleek features. You’re also able to regram(reshare) photos from the people you don’t follow. All you have to do is to search them up, and a repost button should be there.

If you want to remove their logo or save the original photo, you may download the PRO version for $0.99.

2. Repost (For Apple Users Only)

This one is like the above app as well, it has the same features but I believe it’s only available for Apple users. You’re able to regram from your home feed, bookmark pictures to repost later and search for photos to repost.

You can download Repost app on for free on your iPhone or iPad.


It also requires you to enter your login infos to regram photos.

PS: These apps have been tested on iPhone 5, Ipad Mini and Samsung Galaxy S3.

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