28 responsive premium photography themes for wordpress

Being a photographer and starting or maintaining a photography blog is a serious business when it comes to design and content layout. That’s why there is a need for a beautiful WP theme.
List of Beautiful and Responsive Premium Photography Themes for WordPress

Here are 28 premium themes for your photography site:

1. Cleanr


If you want a clean and minimalist theme, then this one is for you.

Price: $49 (One time pay)

2. PhotoTouch


This has a nice image slider, a stylish modern design and a black color scheme perfect for photography.

Price: $39

3. Photolio


Here is a high-quality theme that has a full screen video option, a stylish menu and various gallery options.

Price: $45

4. Infinity


Infinity is quite a minimalist WordPress theme but nonetheless, a great premium theme to buy.

Price: $49

5. HQ Photography


It is a modern theme with wide-screen photos that’s perfect for your photography needs.

Price: $45

6. Ink WordPress Theme


Ink is a tile square theme for your photography site. There is also a quick and dynamic category sort option.

Price: $49

7. Picasso


This is a great and fluid photography theme! It has lots of customization options and a fading gallery style.

Price: $40

8. Flexible


Flexible is not just for photography but also for all kinds of visual portfolio. It has a light, smooth modern layout.

Price: $39 (One time pay)

9. Aware


Aware is a great minimalist theme that is also for all kinds of visual portfolio with its clean and fluid appearance.

Price: $45

10. Reveal


Reveal is a minimalist, clean and responsive theme for WordPress photographers. It also has different layout options.

Price: $49

11. Invictus

Invictus has a lot of gallery layouts and options! It has a modern black and red color scheme.

Price: $45

12. Stock Photography Theme


This is a must-have if you want to run a stock photography site, complete with all the stock photography features you need.

Price: $75

13. HyperGrid


This is a fancy gallery that is responsive and easy to load. People can also easily rate photos.

Price: $40

14. Showcase Dark


Here is a sleek wide-screen photography WP theme that has lots of page templates too.

Price: $69.95

15. WowWay


This is a neat responsive theme that is a full screen grid layout with unique pop-up effects on each


Price: $45

16. Carajillo


This theme can be used for almost any kind of visual portfolio, but especially for photographers.

Price: $49

17. Artemis


This is a perfect gallery theme for black and white photography, with full screen slider.

Price: $45

18. Exposure


This is a dark photography theme that has blurry hover effects which makes it unique.

Price: $40

19. Lens


Lens is a great photography theme with various gallery layouts and a smooth interface.

Price: $49

20. Slash WP


This photography theme has different layout customization options and has a unique photo border.

Price: $49

22. Reportage


This theme can be for photographers, photojournalists or if you want a visual portfolio.

Price: $40

23. JPhotolio Responsive Wedding Photography Theme


If you need a wedding photography theme, then here is a responsive one for you.

Price: $75

24. Widescreen


This is yet another widescreen photography theme that has the menu on the left side.

Price: $75

25. Expression


Expression has many gallery layouts for your photography needs.

Price: $45

26. SideSwipe


This has a unique side-scrolling design of showcasing photos.

Price: $75

27. PhotoPress


PhotoPress is a serious full grid photography theme.

Price: $40 (one time pay)

28. Webzine


Webzine can be for photography or any other visual portfolio.

Price: $45

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