10+ Best Restaurant Web Design Examples & Inspirations

A good restaurant web design should entice customers, introduce itself, and provide useful information. As a virutal storefront, the website must have a good combination of content, imagery, visuals, and ease of use. Think of it as providing the user with the restaurant ambiance through the computer or phone screen.

Here are some of the 10 Best Restaurant Web Design Examples that you can get inspired by!

  1. Happy Camper

Happy Camper

A good website allows you to experience the restaurant through its web design. Happy Camper welcomes you to its page with photos that show the ambiance and environment it offers. The layout features neon lights, bright pinks and blues, and a slideshow of images that give customers a feel of the place itself. Their menu is in the forefront with their locations and contact information.

  1. Snooze


You’ll never want to miss an alarm when it comes to the all-day breakfast eatery, Snooze. The website does a great job of introducing you to the kind of restaurant it is. It features fun, retro vibes through the color scheme, shapes, and elements throughout the site. You’re immediately drawn to the video on the homepage that shows both customers and staff enjoying their time. It’s a complete site that offers information such as its menu, online order options, and loyalty programs.

  1. Yang’s Kitchen

Yang's Kitchen

Yang’s Kitchen features a simple and clean web design example that utilizes white space beautifully. Its bright and crisp layout allows you to focus on what’s important – their food and the restaurant. It’s a minimalistic design that’s easy to use and navigate. Most importantly, it contains all the information that a customer would need from the page.

  1. Lupa


Lupa is a classic Italian restaurant that maintains its identity through its website. Their interiors are their main visual image coupled with an earthy color scheme. The moving elements give it a more modern feel whilst maintaining its understated elegance. Booking is given importance through reservation buttons along with the menu, job opportunities, and private dining options all included on the site.

  1. Bon Bouquet Café

Bon Bouquet Cafe

Energetic, vibrant, and full of life – the Bon Bouquet Café website transports you to a Bali brunch in the heart of Paris. A tropical vacation is a theme with its pink, yellow, and green palette. This along with quirky fonts, moving elements, and intricate food photography will make you crave a plate of their best-sellers asap!

  1. Caravan


The Caravan website looks like a page out of a magazine. It’s simple but effective. The background is a black and white image of the everyday scene with clickable links to their various locations and online store. It’s a straightforward layout that has everything you would need in one scroll and click.

  1. Balzac’s


It’s great to open a website and already have a good feel of what the company is about the moment it loads. This is precisely what you get with Balzac’s. As one of the most established cafes in Canada, they remain true to themselves with their classic website. They played with typography and font sizes to get attention but everything remains simple and sleek.

  1. Pastaria


Uncluttered and simple, Pastaria is so understated but it’s an example of a website that users appreciate. The perfect photo of freshly tossed dough, delicious images of their dishes, and the zesty combination of orange and white make for a great web design! It’s so incredibly easy to navigate and includes all the useful information that customers and visitors want to see.

  1. Cluny

Cluny Bistro

Cluny’s dramatic homepage video with its logo front and center is certainly a spectacular way to open a site. True to its opulent motif, you’ll find gold and navy blue as the main colors on the page. It was also designed with a tab of all its must-knows with each scroll. Aside from its contact information, menu, and online options, users are treated to photographs of their food offerings and interiors all over the site.

  1. Disco Cheetah

Disco Cheetah

Disco Cheetah’s website is a reimagination of disco themes blended with trendy design elements of our age. The design uses colors to imbibe a swanky and fun theme throughout the page. From its animations, illustrations, and photographs, you’ll find it to be one of the most charming restaurant websites around.


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