How To Revert Back To Your Old Tumblr Theme

Tumblr platform offers millions of theme options for business and personal bloggers allowing them to change it whenever they want.

The problem is, “What if your new theme does not fit your taste and you would like to reset it to your previous theme? Do you know how to get back your old Tumblr theme back?”

Even though Tumblr presents dashboard options to change themes instantly, some instances require knowledge of Tumblr theme codes in order to install Tumblr themes.

So, it can be a problem if you accidentally mess up your Tumblr theme without knowing the basics of HTML coding.

Fortunately, Tumblr platform offers a feature that allows you to recover your old theme. This feature is called Custom Theme Recovery. This feature enables you to reinstall your previous themes without requiring you to use codings.

How to Undo Your Tumblr Theme in 4 Steps

To give you elaborate discussion about this feature, here is a quick how-to guide that will direct you in recovering your previous themes.

  1. Go to Tumblr Recovery Page.

    First thing you need to do is to visit Tumblr Recovery Web Page. You must be logged in to Tumblr in order to visit this page.

    Go to Tumblr Recovery Page

  2. Select A Blog.

    Then you’ll need to select the blog that you would like to edit. A drop-down menu below the “Choose Blog” will present you the blogs you have on your account.

  3. Select Previous Change in Theme.

    You will then see the last 20 changes that you’ve made on your blog. You can preview each changes and decide whether which one to recover.

    Select Previous Change in Theme

  4. Click “Revert” button.

    After viewing each backup, click “Revert” to recover your old Tumblr theme.

Although changing Tumblr themes could boost your site’s appearance, it won’t always fit your expectations. Thus, you might want to consider knowing how to revert your old Tumblr theme back before deciding to change it to a new one.

With the Tumblr’s Custom Theme Recovery feature, you can easily retrieve your previous theme through creating backups. Moreover, newbie Tumblr bloggers will now don’t have to worry if they accidentally deleted or uninstalled their themes.

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